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Sharp pain around the appendix when riding ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Supplied, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Does anyone get a sharp pain around their appendix (or roughly 10-15cm below their belly button and about 5cm to the right) when riding? I've noticed this a few times, mainly happens if i'm riding on the freeway or 80+ zones for more than 20 minutes. I try and strectch out but that doesn't help. It hasn't gotten to the point where i've had to pull over, but i've come close a few times.

    One stage thought it might be my house key digging into me, but it wasn't. Realised it's not a good idea to have anything sharp in your pocket when riding.

    It never happnes when i'm not riding so i'm curious to know what it might be. I wear draggin jeans when riding, checked the inside of them, and the material doesn't have any hard places around there to apply any pressure.

  2. Are you sure it's not appendicitis? Riding could be aggravating it causing the pain.

    You prob should get it checked out if you haven't already just to be sure, better safe than sorry.

  3. 0.0) See a doctor and make sure you don't have a hernia.

    1) Stretch before riding.
    2) Do some regular exercise; situps perhaps, or some aerobics where you twist your torso.
    3) Don't have too large a meal before riding.
    4) Relax.

    Get checked for a hernia first though... any exercise etc will only aggravate it if that's the problem.
  4. I get

    I get pain sometime but mainly due to it being a hot day. And if i wear jacket and long pants etc and dont drink much water before hand. Usually though when i stop and get water it is fine again.
  5. I was thinking about appendicitis, but since it only happens when riding I usually forget about it until happnes again. I think i first noticed it about 18 months ago. Probably should get to a doctor, it's feeling a bit sore at the moment, not sure if that's just phantom pain though.

    As with appendicitis, don't really know anything about hernia but probably a good idea to see a doc, especially since I started excercising again today. I think i was still getting the pain when I did 3 months of 5 karate classes a week. But i can't be 100% sure. Had a kickboxing class this morning, did a lot of strectching and situps for the first time in a while. I don't think it's muscle related, too sharp for the area. but better to be sure.

    Cheers guys!
  6. :LOL: Cant be running outta smokes now. Thats one way to drive a sane man crazy. :grin:
  7. Try wearing a kidney belt. Every organ in the body has its own resonant frequency. It could just be that the vibrations at that certain speed you are talking about it causing this.
  8. try taking a dump before you ride next time. it might help :LOL:
  9. Try carrying your wallet in your back pocket for a change :LOL:....
  10. Just had the best one, about to ride to get my bike serivced in Ringwood, i'll let you know if that help! :LOL:

    That couldn't possibly be a pun, it's way too bad for one of those :LOL: So i'll just say cheers Hornet, but my wallets always in my back pocket :p
  11. You could be onto something there GForce, didn't get a single pain while riding after the.... :LOL: . But i was wearing regualr jeans this time instead of my draggins. I think it could be the jeans digging into me. Since i'm almost possitive I only get it when wearing them.
  12. yeah its as gforce said, when riding the position puts alot more force onto your organs (especially if your on a spotier bike), which will often end up creating some form of pain, find a toilet and take a dump, to ease the pressure
  13. Well i could tell you its not appentisitis as ive had it and my appendix removed! When u have it trust me it is painfull, just like a stomach ake but a little bit lower, I had it playing up around 6 times in 2yrs until the 7th were the doctors finally figured out what it was. And just my luck it was pressing up against my bowels. Most of all it was braught on randomly and lasted for days each time. Some people get the vomiting and some get the stomach pain but u sound like u have neither.

    hope this helps.
  14. I beg to differ from frogkyle2005. When my appendix went pop ( a long time ago, it gave some warning by playing up when I moved into certain positions. Just twinges, like. But when it did go, man I can tell you, you sure as hell won't be riding to the clinic to get it checked out. You'll be an emergency case in the back of an ambulance. And you don't have a hell of a lot of time to get it sorted before peritonitis, either. So go and get it dealt with NOW, while it's still a simple procedure.
    If it's not appendix, all well and good.
  15. pain

    Had something similar when I started riding, loooong time ago, a mechanic friend of mine checked the forks,seems there was way to much oil in them , drained some out and hey presto pain gone!! worth a look!
  16. Kidney Stones ?

    Those things are killer..... had to many ops for them :(

    They can hurt only at certain times as well, riding would more then likely not help at times either.

    Yes they are in a different spot but they can hurt in weird places, trust me :D

  17. Lol, I read this as "I've had many an appendix removed"

    I get a fair bit of neck/back pain after riding for some time, I know this is pretty common but i'm going for a back protector with built in kidney belt, see if that takes the pressure off a bit. Just thought it might help you a bit, couldn't hurt to try surely.

    I'd suggest maybe asking a doctor first really though.
  18. I get this nagging pain sometimes when I ride. It seems to go away when I go really fast or do wheelies and/or stoppies.
  19. Yeah mrx78u I would recommend a kidney belt. Most of the Back Protectors have them inbuilt.
  20. Supplied, It could be the cut of the Draggins or you're wearing them too high.
    It might also be worth checking the size and shape of your belt buckle.
    I used to have one of those, so I dumped her and got a much nicer girlfriend/pillion.