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Shark Vision-R High Visibility Black/Luminescent Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Teamsherman, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Spewin.

    Looks like I'll just have to buy one to check it out.
  2. My mate is wearing this helmet but different colour.

    Not what you're after but FYI he says the field of vision is fantastic however only beef is the flip down dark visor is not dark enough for sunny days and is slighlty irratating where your vision meets the bottom of the flip down. He is going to buy a full dark visor and relegate the flip down to light sun duties only.
  3. He's too hard to please! I have no problem with the flip-down visor, either being dark enough (I used to wear Polaroids) or obscuring my vision....
  4. The flip down visor is actually quite good in summer as well. Used to have the S900. Can have the main visor up letting heaps of airflow in and let the flip down protect your eyes.
  5. I'm wondering how effective the glow in the dark feature is? I'm guessing its more a gimmick than functional!!
  6. My wife has a Shark RSI with glow-in-the-dark similar to the vision-r. Like the glow-in-the-dark from when we were kids it gets its charge from light and eventually fades. Looks ok for a while then it just looks a bit daggy.
  7. I'm looking at getting one of these helmets. Going to try one on today to see if it fits my melon.
  8. I've had a Vision R for about a year now - i love it. I'm not one to wear sunnies, so the drop down shades are just what I want. Whilst they aren't the darkest lens in the world, they definitely take the edge of the sun when you need it.
    It's comfortable, and the larger visor is great. I did think it was a little noisier than what i was used to, but I'm certainly used to it now and it's not that bad.

    Generally a very good helmet in my opinion.
    Oh.....and mine is black and white and the white is supposed to be that "Be Cool" colour (is that what it's called) which glows. Trouble is, the thing only glows when it's subjected to light......not that good for dark roads.

    It sure does light up though if you leave it on the kitchen table for a while with the lights on, and then put it in a dark cupboard.

  9. This looks awesome, do they make one in black?
  10. Personally I'd just rip out the internal sun visor and prefer to wear my own choice of sunglasses/goggles.
  11. @HyperHorse@HyperHorse No need to rip it out it folds up into the helmet. Also this helmet has 2 little pads under the liner above your cheeks, which can be removed to allow sunglasses to be worn more comfortably. I have one of these and it is excellent! I can highly recommend the Vision-R
  12. yep Vision R works well for moi
    generally I wear sunnies for most day riding (I ride with the main visor up in city traffic and this just stops the bugs/grit from smashing my eyes to pieces)
    now winters nights are meaning I'm heading home as the sun is about to set I will generally put the sunnies away and ride with the main visor and sun visor down and then flip away the sun visor when it gets too dark. Agree its not the best for really sunny days but its better than nothing and easy to flip down. I'm more than happy with it