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Shark Vision R helmets

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Cruisin Nurse, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I have tried the Shark Vision R helmet on in a couple of stores but obviously not under riding conditions.
    Can anyone give me some feedback on how it holds up in riding conditions.
    1. Is the peripheral vision much better than standard helmets ?
    2. Is the a noticeable difference in wind noise?
    3. Does it feel lighter or heavier than previous models?

    Thank you in advance....I really like the style. Especially being a glasses wearer the internal sun visor is definitely an attraction .
  2. While not answering your actual questions I can offer some thoughts....

    Being a glasses wearer if you have the extrnal and internal sun visor and glasses that's 3 seperate lenses between your eyes and reality, which I think would lead to some distortion. Whether its sufficient to be particularly noticeable or not I wouldn't know.

    When you say is the peripheral vision better than stanadrd helmets - do you mean the 'non Vision R' shark helmets?

    I think all the Sharks have about the same amount of peripheral vision?

    If you are really chasing good peripheral vision have a look at the Shoei helmets. If a Shark fits your head shape then a Shoei TZ-X probably will as well. s leaing between the two and ended up going for the Shoei as I think it wil be quieter, it has excellent peripheral vision, and the shop di me a good deal on a tinted visor to suit.

    The Vision R is a good helmet though. And cheaper than the Shoei.
  3. I tried both the Shark S900 and the Vision R before taking the S900. There was a difference vision but it wasn't enough for me to go "wow". A fair portion of the additional vision is at the top which is also in the "looking into the sun territory" which is not a good thing for me.

    The S900 doesn't have a glasses holder like the other helmets but I've never had any issues sliding my glasses down the side of the helmet so that wasn't a big selling point for me either.

    In the end, they felt pretty similar (weight wise) so I opted for the S900 which also has the internal visor and I'm pretty happy with it to date. I know the Vision R is supposed to have some extra visor locking thing which knocks out the wind noise but I'm pretty happy with the lack of noise on the S900.

    On the issue of the internal visor, its awesome and I'm already a massive fan of it. Biggest plus for me is being able to keep the main visor open and just the sunshade down which keeps the airflow going but stops the wind hitting you in the eyes. Glasses are too small to keep the airflow off your eyes and this is big enough to make a difference. Only down side with the internal visor (from what I have been told) is the potential for it to get misted in winter although this could be dealt with easily enough and I don't think it would personally be a major issue.

    Maybe try the two side by side. If the extra vision is important and feels better, go for it.

    This is the design I picked up. Looks really good.

  4. Check out this review https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=123489

    The integrated sun visor looks great; the old external style tinted second visor on the S800 would flick shut or rip open the main visor if you weren't careful where you were looking. I'm kicking myself that I bought an RSI a few months before the Vision R was released here, so I'm stuck lugging around two visors.
  5. I don't notice any added distortion to the image when using the visor and the sun visor.

    The opening is bigger than standard. I put my RJays back on my head after a few months of the Vision R and felt quite restricted with what I could see.

    Very happy quality wise.
  6. Well...guess what turned up today all the way from Sydney....I love it, I love it, I love it.....Can you love a helmet....Damned straight you can...lol

    Sharke Vision R Lotus Black Blu.
  7. Is it the 900 or vision R?
  8. Its the Vision R Lotus black blu
    Fits perfect....very quiet.
    At least on my fat head it does...lol
  9. have you asked Takamii about his helmets? he has a melbourne distributor
  10. Its too late now...lol.
    I got it online from Sydney City Motorcycles for $417 delivered to my work here in Melbourne. Everywhere else i saw it for $449.
    Have two helmets now....time for the Tiger Angels now...lol
  11. Shark has the best graphics out there, this I am happy to concede and one day if mine can be as appealing I will be a very happy chappy

    Now that my designer and I have discovered some more secrets to graphics production it wont be hard for us to have a new design every few weeks
  12. I bought a couple of Vision-R - white "Myths" - for me and the wife and couldn't be happier.
    The vision field is definitely improved (at least over my old HJC) to the point were you barely notice you are wearing a helmet.
    They are very light and noise wise it has to be the quietest helmet I have ever had, including Arai's and Shoei's. Heck, when I first put it on I could hear the engine noise whereas before all I could hear was my loud exhaust!

    Got them for $379 each at ActionMC btw.
    You made a great purchase Fz1chick, enjoy!

    Here's what the graphs look on mine
  13. i just bought a new Shark Visor-R - very frustrated by the amount of wind whistle - anyone else having a simlar issue?
  14. I hate shopping and avoid it all costs so I have no idea who stocks what in Melbourne, where did you try them on - as in which stores? I'm interested in this helmet but have a pin-head so really need to try some on.
  15. I have the S900 which is more suited to the pin head. I tried both and I went for that in the end so its definitely worth trying. The yamaha store on elizabeth street had stock upstairs that you could try on. S900 also has the internal dark visor attachment.

    If you're a medium, you're welcome to take mine for a spin and check what its like while you are riding.
  16. Thanks for the heads up on S900 - I currently have a Shark helmet (not sure of the name now) and was keen on the Vision R for my next if only for the internal tinted visor - good to know they make others.
  17. Vision R has the larger field of view. This has pro's and con's. Obviously you have more visibility but also more issues with the sun because part of the expanded view is above the normal field of vision. I've tried both along with a mate. He had a better fit with the vision R, I had better with the S900 so its very much individual with no wrong or right.
  18. Your "Woman" badge.
    Hand it over please...

    (I was actually considering proposing marriage to you, but then I realised that'd mean I have to buy my own socks - fuck that!)
  19. Oh good job. I shall go check them out - I'm actually a small. Put it this way when I tried on the Shoei's the small was too large. I was embarrassingly pointed down the aisle of children's helmets. I found a Nolan that fit but it's getting a bit tat these days. Cheers MM.
  20. You're welcome to it *hands over badge*

    Wanna hear more? I only have 5 pairs of shoes (that doesn't include motorbike & horse riding boots)
    And yes that would mean you'd have to buy me socks too.