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Shark Speed-R Series 1 : Avenger Series Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Lazy Libran, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. So , very recently I purchased a Shark Speed-R Series 1 helmet to replace my ageing Shoei TZ-X.

    Here are some initial impressions.

    Wore it the first time a few days back. It was a cold morning and coming from a Shoei, I was not expecting the cold wind hitting my face. I managed to reach work and but must admit, was not happy with the helmet visor and the so-called sealing ( and aero-dynamic) properties as per the Shark website.

    Inserted the anti-fog shield (that came with the helmet) and will honestly report that the quality of the anti-fog inner lay is shocking. The view is completely distorted and the incoming light reflects at all angles. I can take it off but it is supposed to be anti-fog so left it in there for another day.

    Today morning (I'd tightened the visor to assist in stopping the cold wind), the whole visor still fogged up (Even with the chin opening on) and the cold breeze was still hitting my face. Plus I was not able to even open the visor with the shoddy mechanism that shuts the bloody visor (with the gloves on).

    At the point of almost crashing, I stopped the bike, took my gloves off and then was able to open the visor after numerous attempts to open it. And then I'd to ride to work with the freezing cold air still hitting my face.

    I've called the Dealer and reported this (he has asked me to bring it in) and also emailed the Shark distributors (Ficeda) re: this.

    The Dealer advised that the Shark Rep will be notified and he should respond to it pretty soon. So Hoping to take it back in a few days. The Shoei sale is still on at Peter Stevens so thinking of picking one up before the sale ends.

    I think I'll stick to Shoei. Made in Thailand v/s made in Japan. Guess who wins!
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  2. Great - just noticed that a crack has appeared on the top part - next to the drop-down internal visor.
  3. my gt air is sounding great ;) sorry to hear about your issues. I understand your frustrations and anger, I hope you get a resolution soon. Good thing it isnt cold and wet!!
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  4. I've heard series 2 has addressed the "opening with gloves issue".
  5. I love my TZ-X !!!!!
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  6. I never thought I'd say this but try HJC rpha10
  7. Interesting. Doesn't really match my experience with the helmet, so I'll keep watching. Takes about 25 mins in traffic at about 8 degrees for any fog to appear in mine with neck sock tucked in and pinlock inserted. The pinlock isn't quite as clear as the visor, but it's not terrible (though it scratches pretty easily).

    A lot of air still seems to be sucked past your face, over the top of your head and out the back with the vents closed, but with a neck sock and the chin guard, I've never been cold.

    Edit: I need two hands to open the visor, but can usually do it gloved.
  8. I notice mine is drafty on cold (<10 degrees) mornings - I say drafty but it's more that I hear the wind whistling than feel it.

    I also find the visor hard to open if I've slapped it down.

    But, absolutely no fog using pinlock, the slide down sun visor is very easy to mist up though.

    I have no other comparison as yet, I might treat myself to an AGV soon...
  9. I noticed my shark evoline is a bit windy even with all the air vents closed, but with a neck sock on its find. Maybe this has something to do with it being a modular helmet - I have another full face lid and the breeze into the helmet isn't nearly as bad.

    I've ridden in every temperature and weather Sydney has thrown over the last year and the anti fog coating in the visor is absolutely amazing. Bummer to hear yours isn't so good.
  10. Not sure when they changed from Series 1 to 2, but I wear a Shark Speed-R (Texas graphic if that determines whether series 1 or 2) and am pretty happy with it. It is the only helmet I've owned so I dont exactly have anything to contrast it to, but since inserting the pinlock, I have never seen fog on my outer visor. I can fog up the sun visor if in the cold (way too common riding in Canberra and Bathurst) and I blow warm air up onto it, but it generally clears pretty quick if I am moving.

    I have noticed that I get a decent airflow onto my mouth/nose when I am riding, even with the air vent closed, which can be a hard slog riding through the mountains. I generally wear a balaclava and have no issues. It would be interesting to hear what the Shark rep tells you about that aspect of it.

    I did initially struggle with the visor and gloves, I eventually learned the trick and now very rarely have issues getting it up. I have noticed that it is heaps easier with summer gloves than with winter gauntlets.

    I have also got some minor cracking in the outer layer down near the 'chin' of my helmet. It hasn't had any impacts but it is a year old and I have been wearing it damn near every day for 6 months.
  11. I had a series 1 and had the same issues with wind noise through the visor seal. No issues with the pinlock system though.

    The visor lock system was truly awful.

    I'm curious to hear how improved the S2 lids are. Despite all the problems, it was comfy and looked ace.
  12. Very similar issues here. Agree re: summer gloves. Rode with the lighter gloves recently and it's easier ....

    Series 2 started selling very recently and I'd bought the Series 1 on the run out sale around the same time, the series 2 was launched.

    It is a comfy helmet BUT all the issues take the comfort factor away. And Yes, the visor lock system is a PITA.


    Dropped off the helmet at the store so now to wait for the call and an update from the Rep.
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  13. agree - the visor on the Shark Speed - R is a ballache to open with gloves on. That locking mechanism is super stiff and not having anything to grip on the visor itself is bad design

    Also the bevelled edge of the visor inhibits your vision a bit if riding with the visor slightly open. i won't be buying another.
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  14. Couldn't have worded it better myself.
  15. Finally got it back after more than a month.

    Haven't tried it on a ride yet but thinking of selling it off. Apparently, I have been wearing a size too large.
  16. I had a SHARK VISION-R GT CARBON SERIES 2 and the Visor lift on that worked a charm

    I changed to a SHOEI TZ-X and haven't looked back. It has the anti fog and tinted visor. It rarely fogs up, although on days when it got to 0-5 degrees the anti fog struggled at times.

    Overall i cannot fault the SHOEI however it is somewhat noisy by default.

    I will revisit the drop down tinted visor option in the future.


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  17. I think you should stick to Shoei. IMHO, the build quality is much better than Shark. Still built in Japan with the Japanese OCD to maintain that quality. I might try Arai as my next helmet when the chance to upgrade comes.

    For this same reason (Bad build quality, internal visor coming loose etc.) Peter Stevens are not going to stock up on Shark anymore (according to the sales guy who was helping me). He said that they were having too many issues and hence decided against stocking Shark.
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  18. Had the chance to ride with it yet? What did the Rep say about those issues?
  19. Haven't ridden yet as I've put it on sale.

    After buying a correct sized Shoei, I've realized that the Shark is actually too loose for me.

    I didnt talk to the rep but AMX said that all issues have been addressed.