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Shark Speed R helmet review

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by TheCatsMeow, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. as some of you know i crashed my bike a couple weeks back but it dawned on me that i need a new helmet ! the plus side is that i had already been waiting for one to come out.

    having a weird head shape only a handful of helmets actually fit my dome * shark RSI / arai vector * go figure its gonna be the expensive brands lol

    fiberglass shell
    internal visor
    sweet ass aggressive and stylish design

    cheek pads are firm but once broken in it will fit like a glove
    will update upon further use

    retails for 500 but i asked for a discount and got it for 450 was gonna buy it anyway so it was a nice little bonus on top so stoked hope to be rocking it at the sat pracs very soon.
    the pics are too high res for me to upload so heres a link to the pic hope thats okay
  2. Looks nice. I like the Black coloured one.

    Let us know how you go. I'm interested coz I got a weird shaped head as well AND I wear glasses. Only the Shoei has a good fit on me. :D
  3. shark helmets have this removable insert in the padding to allow glasses to be fitted so maybe that will help. and yeah i was going to go the matt black and a gold visor (spoiling myself :D)

    but this stuck out to me more i think its the overall shape of the helmet thats appealing. really angular rather than the standard dome shape of my previous arai vector (1st series)

    the main point is im not feeling like iv steped down in protection, in my get off slaming my head into a pole really made me value a good helmet and it feels like shark has made this helmet specifically for me. god i should be sponsored by them or something lol
  4. Love the design.
  5. Yes, their blurb says it's specially designed for riders of naked bikes

    wish they'd have come out with that when I had one :LOL:
  6. yeah i rkn it makes me look somewhat like a transformer lol

    alright so i rode in the helmet today for the 1st time and the 1st thing i noticed was that its really quiet in comparison to my arai vector

    the internal visor whilst covering what i need to see i cant help but notice the bottom of it. it does NOT obstruct any viewing im just not used to an internal visor and it may not be for me. that being said shark has a blue tint (not iridium) that im keen to try out as it would go with my helmet well so thats in the future plans

    overall im "stoked" with this purchase and will use the Speed-R model exclusively from now on
  7. You'll be looking past the internal visor in no time flat, believe me. And you'll get so used to it that when you flip it up you'll squint!
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  8. Bought mine with my bike which will be delivered tomorrow I got the black and red one. I will give you my feedback/opinion of it soon.
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  9. Yeah, internal drop down visors are great. :) I know what you mean about being able to see "under" the drop-down visor - I've been using a Shark Evoline 2 for urban/touring practicality/awesomness. You get used to seeing "under" the tinted visor eventually - I still find it useful to have, as it saves having to second-guess whether I'll be home before dark or if I should pack a spare visor or whatever. I wear polarised sunglasses, which don't work so great underneath a helmet visor because of the pretty (normally-invisible) rainbow patterns which appear in the visor.

    I suspect part of the challenge for the helmet manufacturer is that the internal visor has to be able to clear any prescription eyewear the rider may or may not have, so the internal visor has to be forward a fair way compared to how close we'd wear our sunglasses.
  10. The good thing with the internal visor is that you can look at your dash under it. It reduces glare from the sky etc, but allows a clear view of close things under it. My Vision R has the internal flip down visor and it seems good to me.
  11. Is there any way to make the internal visor clear? I like to ride with a tinted visor the majority of the time, and having a clear internal visor would be great when riding home at night (instead of carrying a clear main visor).
  12. If you could find a clear one to replace it, I don't see why not (though the internal visor prooooooooooooooooobably doesn't meet the standards for protective eyewear (AS 1337) or the standard for protective visors, at a guess).

    In physical terms, though, the internal visor can be removed for cleaning/replacement pretty easily.
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  13. Since the internal visor is not that close to your eyes, wouldn't crap fly in your eyes?
  14. It'd still be better than riding with an open visor at night because you only have a tinted visor.
  15. wow thought this thread was dead!

    and yes deadsy i know what your on about i used to only keep my tint visor on me, riding at night with it isnt even that bad... honestly so long as your not on any pitch black roads you will be fine if you change the visor.
    that being said theres blue visors (not iridium) for this helm and i rkn would look sick with my helm.....expensive though

    but i have to show my bike some love first. due for a service
  16. Hi guys and girls of this great forum. Wanted to give my first thoughts impressions of this helmet. Please remember I am only new so I have had no other helmet to compare it to. Firstly I felt straight away it was nice and light, haven't worked all the vents and things as yet but they seem to be nice inclusions. There is a drop down tinted visor which I also thought was really cool. Once again riding at up to 75km's very light feel, it was quite windy as well. It is very comfortable, I was out for a good hour and half for my first out and no problem. The only negative I have found so far is, to pull the visor up is really difficult, once again this may be because I haven't read the instructions properly I was to excited to get on the bike. So I hope that gives some of you an insight to the helmet, even at the early stage I would definitely recommend it(y).
  17. Are you sure that the 'lock' is set properly?
  18. I didn't really read the instructions mate, so maybe I will do the homework this weekend but it is a very nice helmet:).
  19. :D All good. I ask because I made the same mistake. There's a lock/latch that shuts down the visor properly and I wasn't doing it correctly.

    I had to take the visor out and insert it again and then the lock was ok.
  20. the visor notch to lock it down is kinda small but when you get it, its good as. for me anyway

    lol helmet instructions ?