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Shark Speed R 2 Carbon and Spartan helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Blatz, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Hi people

    I currently have a Shoe RF1100 which I've had since mid 2010. It's a fantastic helmet. Prior to that I owned a Kabuto Samui (or something).
    The Shoei is a little tired now, feeling lose on the head and being over 6 years old I think it's due for replacement.
    To replace the Shoei I am seriously considering a Shark Speed R 2 Carbon or Spartan Carbon.

    Coming from the Shoei I'm concerned that the Shark might be too loud because I ride naked bikes. Additionally the drop down tinted visor is also something I'm not sure about. When trying the helmets on in store the foam around the ears isn't quite as pillow like as the Shoei's (probably because my helmet has moulded to my head). On the Shark Vision R at least the drop down visor was actually obstructing my vision but I understand this will likely be different with the other two models. Unfortunately the Speer R 2 carbon and Spartan carbon were not in stock in my size.

    The things I liked were the weight and the fact that the Sharks generally seemed more compact.
    What got me looking at Shark as a brand in the first place was the Sharp helmet testing ratings. I don't know full details of how the tests are conducted and maybe this shouldn't be swaying me as much as fit and comfort and brand reputation. I don't know if these ratings were even a big thing back in 2010 because I bought the Shoei for fit, comfort and quality of build.

    Blah blah blah, the main point of my post is to ask if anyone has experience with either the Shark Speed R 2 or the Shark Spartan Carbon, particularly on naked bikes.

  2. I have a naked bike.. And I went from Shoei TZ-X to Shark Speed R Series 1 last year...

    I switched back to Shoei so fast that it was scary... :D

    Shark is not a bad helmet but it wasn't for me. I'd build quality issues with mine and couldn't return it. A crack appeared on the top air vent and it was repaired not replaced. The visor didn't stop the air flow as good as the Shoei and was much noisier too...

    The Shoei TZ-X has a visor that seals shut with the click lock which is just awesome.. The Shark visor has a tiny pointy edge that is REALLY painful to open with gloves.

    Some people don't mind Shark but I'm never going back.

    Shoei is still made in Japan but Shark comes from Thailand..

    You decide.

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  3. Speed-R uses the same visor as the Race-R, which is a race/track helmet. The pin "locks" the visor, so you have to pull that tab outward before lifting it.
  4. Still not easy with gloves on. :D
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  5. Thanks for the feedback so far. The other thing that is a major factor for me is the vents. The current ones on my RF1100 are faultless. I live in South Australia where its blistering hot some days in summer and without decent air flow around your noggin it's like boiling an egg.