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Shark Skwal Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cblim2, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    Are there any owners of Shark Skwal helmets having issues with frequent visor breakages?
    Just trying to get a feel.

  2. Haven't had any issues with mine yet, 7 months on. I do know of at least one person on here who has had issues with theirs and broken it twice.
  3. Thanks for the reply d_n2blued_n2blue

    Now you know of two persons who had issues with their visors and broken it twice
  4. I'm interested to know, how did it break?

    Was it just at one of the clips? Also do you remove it often?
  5. Just at one of the clips

    Once inexplicably broke under normal use, second when trying to remove it to fit a pin lock which the retailer nearly binned after getting it back from warranty as a result of the first break.

    Quick net search seems to suggest that this is a common problem which leads me to think it is a design flaw, hence not fit for purpose
  6. I had one break very early on, when I took it to the shop they said it was a know issue with a bad batch and replaced it for free, but no issues with the replacement they gave me so far.
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  7. Yup mine broke today from regular use, noticed the visor was a bit loose and not sealing at all. When i got home i noticed one of the plastic prongs that holds the visor in had broke off.
    Broke another one trying to take the visor out previously too. So that's 2 visors broken for this helmet. Not happy Jan.
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  8. Thanks for the feedback TKDrider85TKDrider85 and ArbitraryEmuArbitraryEmu

    I can see a trend here. It's becoming evident that there is a design flaw in the visor clips/prongs
  9. I don't know if its a design flaw as such, like I said I haven't had any trouble with the replacement one, They have warranty anyway so just go back to the shop have a whinge. Truth be told, I thought I broke mine, so I went back to team moto to buy a replacement, and the sales assistant behind the counter told me there was a bad batch and replaced it for free
  10. Noted