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Shark s900c or Vision-R

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chmaiden, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. I love the internal visor on these. I tried on teh vision-r at Peter Stevens - so comfy. But what do i get with that over the 900c? Are they the same shape/fit? I havent found any shop selling the 900c around melbourne so cant try it on.


  2. My Rjays Dominator + has an internal Sunny installed they are cool.
    I hate having or wearing glasses.
    Tried the Vision Rs in the shop also, I think they are old now and being replaced by the 900c
    as my instructed says
    pay what you think your head is with lol
  3. I would go with the S900c, specially with the air pump cheekpads for a nicer fit.
    Never been a huge fan of the Vision-R "egg shaped" shell.
  4. thanks fo rthe replies - anyone know anywhere in Melbourne that sells the 900c???
  5. i posted this in the wrong forum previously - sorry!

    thoughts on
    Shark s900c or Vision-R

    the Vision-R is v comfy but I cant find a 900c in Melbourne to try on....

    Anyone know who stocks?
  6. I just got a new S900, its pretty good. I find it comfortable, the inflatable cheeks are great. The visor seals well against the helmet all around, no unwanted breeze in my eyes. The ventilation works fine, demists the visor without issue in all conditions ive ridden in so far including rain and fog

    The flip down sun visor is a neat feature but optically it isnt perfect - tends to distort slightly when you turn your eyes to the very outside. Also it might be a bit loud wind noise wise.

    Nice designs too :)
  7. Have you tried on the Speed R by any chance? Throw another model into the mix
  8. Hi

    Im looking at getting a Shark Vision-R or s900c (are they the same shape apart from the additional vision?). Do you think that Peter Stevens will price match Sydney City MC who seem to have the best price at the moment?

    If not...is the s900c the same shape as the vision-r?

  9. I'm so glad someone else has found that! I got my S900 specifically for the flipdown internal sun visor. I wear vision correction specs and didn't want to have to carry prescription sunglasses and pull over to change specs each time I change direction into or out of the sun. But I have found the distortion to be so annoying/distracting that I don't even use the internal visor. I love the helmet though, I just wouldn't buy one again for the sun visor.
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  10. only difference I can think of would be the cheek pump and the retractable chin guard, I have the s900c which doesn't have a chin guard, and I notice a lot of wind (sometimes debris) gets up in your helmet from underneath, a bit annoying cause I constantly get stuff in my eyes, a mate has the vision R which has the chin guard and he doesn't notice any wind or debris getting inside his helmet. in saying that tho I prefer the look of the s900c over the vision R,

    EDIT: also the vision-r has a much larger visor than the s900
  11. My S900 has the fabric chin cover, should be standard fitment but pretty sure its just velcro attached though?

    I find I can live with the distortion, its better than the sun in my eyes anyway but I don't have specs to contend with too - I expect that would make a big difference.
  12. is it a retractable one like the vision-r? mine has a small mesh type one which doesn't seem to do much
  13. Or just buy it off the website and get it shipped for +$10.
  14. Just tried on the Vision Rs and the 900C AGAIN at Sydney City Motorcycles Lane Cove and was reminded why I didn't like the Vision R in the first place. Feels bulky similiar to a Shoei and I don't care much for the lining. Very thick and my head was baking within 3mins. Arai RX-Q it'll have to be...
  15. Late reply to the thread, but if you're still looking for an S900c, I tried one on a couple of months ago at Stafford Motorcycles on Bell st in Heidelberg.
  16. I fitted an S900C chin guard thing to S700S.. was about $15 bought locally. made a little difference
  17. Just bought an S700. Beautiful. Already have a S900C. Great helmets for the weight, graphics, dual visor and cost.
  18. Late to the party, but I own a Vision-R. Very comfy lining IMO, but I made the error or buying a size too big as my glasses werent compatible with the sun visor on the medium helmet. The wide aperture of the Vision is fantastic too.
  19. Yep. Had problems with the sun visor and my glasses which is why I went for the 900C. The 700 is basically the same fit. No problems with the fit. Used to have a KBC which was L. When I first went on to the track at PI , I found it restricting my vision in the corners especially with a gradient. Got rid of it and now use a M size with theShark.
  20. How do you find the noise level on these helmets? I've got a 700 which seems a bit on the noisy side. But then again I ride naked so anything would be I'd guess. I wished I'd kept my old Shoei just to do a comparison.