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Shark RSR2 - small quality issue?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by klau, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. I purchased a Shark RSR2 last September. My first helmet and has been brillant.

    The only problem is the screw that helps to hold the (left) visor mount in place. The screw came loose a few months back and was scratching the visor. Tighten and was good to go.

    It's been fine until two Thursdays back, when the screw came loose again. This time, the whole visor mount assembly was moving around as well. Tighten the screw again, but unfortunately the screw snapped??? Either I used too much force, or because Shark chose to reduce the diameter of the screw body just below the screw head to about 4 millimeters. This is on an aluminum screw, so not sure why it was designed this way (you can see in the pic).

    Why reduce the diameter here? What purpose does this serve?

    This morning I left the helmet at the shop for warranty. Explained the situation to the guy behind the counter, told him I am happy to pay for the screw, but I need the loose visor mounting to be repaired. It seems the Shark rep visits every two weeks (and was just in yesterday), so it's going to be another two weeks before he comes by again. First to look at the problem and second, decide where to go from there. The timeframe is disappointing, but the guy at the store was good enough to mark the helmet as urgent (maybe shipping the helmet to one of their other stores as the Shark rep is due there next).

    So, anyone else had a similar problem? Have you had a Shark helmet repaired under warranty and how long did it take?

    On a side note, can anyone recommend a cheapo spare helmet (it's probably going to be a month in real terms before I get my helmet back)?


    btw, I haven't ridden for 8 days now (since the screw broke), and I am having withdrawal symptons. lol. Now for the waiting game... arghhh
  2. Dood, ring the shop tell them to get shark to send you a replacement screw.
    Ask the Monday, you should have it Wednesday.
    It's just a screw.

    or contact Ficeda (ficeda.com.au) The Australian Importer

    489 - 493 Victoria Street
    Wetherill Park, 2164
    Phone: (02) 9757 0061
    Fax: 1800 674 349

    Email: sales@ficeda.com.au
    Website: http://www.ficeda.com.au


    for what it's worth, I found that the shark helmet is built fairly poorly.
    The paint chips far too easily, stuff (vents, visor mounts) on them breaks easily, the padding splits about a year after owning one.
    It is however, one of the quietest and most comfortable helmet I have owned.
    I need a new helmet as the shark after 3 years looks like it's been through a cement mixer at speed.

    I need to go helmet shopping and let me tell you, I'd rather go shopping for cosmetics with the wife than shop for a new helmet. I hate helmet shopping.

    I am going to wait for Premier to release their helmets into Australia and hope like hell that one of theirs fits my melon.
    According to Andrew Pitts honey, a full CF lid is around the $700 mark :shock: I'm not keen to try on a System5 BMW lid for fear of it fitting perfectly. My head isn't worth the asking price ;)
  3. Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my post through all the rambling. lol.

    I think there is another fixture point under the visor mounting plate where the visor change button is. This is in addition to the screw that broke. This is the area that I need Shark to fix. I don't want to poke around and stuff things up and void the 5 year warranty.

    If you're interested, here's the shark components list http://www.shark-helmets.com/download/tech/RSR2-V15.pdf. The screw is part of the 'Complete visor plate kit' (No 13 - FX6100P). Notice how the diagram includes 2 extra screws. Either the screws have a tendency to break, or the extra screws are used beneath the visor change button.

    I did notice the build wasn't quite up there, considering the retail price is $800. I got mine for $600 at the time (and has the highest safety rating by SHARP), so I'm still happy with it. It's a nice lid.

    Agree, so if anyone has a Shark head, and have a cheapy spare, could you let me know what brand/model the cheapy is? This would help me save time, etc.

  4. Aldi are selling $89 helmets that might see you through. Search for this year's Aldi thread.
  5. Vic, you're right. I found a video (http://www.shark-news.com/elearning/gb_hi_rsr2_.htm - Click the 'Adjustment of visor fit' video). Simple fix, I can do this myself. Just need to get a spare screw from Ficeda.

    Going to get my lid back from the shop.