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Shark RSR2, new helmet ears folding.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by moforila, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. After doing some research on what my first helmet should be I picked a shark RSR2 which I found for $384 on sale at parramatta honda bikes.

    The size I got is a 58M, I think it fits well, since it grips my cheeks and holds onto my head really well.

    The only problem is that every time I put it on it folds my ears down, no matter how much i pull the padding back or slid it on right.

    Once the helmet is on, my ears are fine, they feel comfortable. Its just as matter of getting it on that starts to hurt after a few consecutive times on having my ears folded to get it on.

    Could this be an indication that the helmet may be too small for me?
  2. Try pulling the bottom of the helmet apart whilst sliding it on.

    Aparantly this bloke had the same problem but came up with a permanent fix! :shock:


    I beat ktulu!
  3. Its the way you put it on. I think you'd be pulling it straight down?
    Put it on from the front of your head and push it back.
    Once the helmet is worn it it wont be so bad.

    Either that or you have Prince Charles ears :LOL:
  4. Yeh I even when pulled out it clips my ears, I may just be over pussy about it. I think it may wear in as times go's.

    I was just worried that a helmet thats to small may be less safe.

    LOL ROLFMAO at chopper, that will sure fix it.
  5. 2wheelsagain, I have been putting it straight down, I think the front may be a bit better and I hope it wears in.
  6. Are you putting it on by holding the chin straps with each hand and pulling down and out to open the inner liner up?
  7. Yeh, Im holding the straps and using them to pull back on the pads, but the liner still sticks out which is was clipping my ears.

    All the suggestions have made a difference, I manage to get it on now with less friction.
  8. Got the same helmet, same problem. I got over it by putting the helmet on and twisting it from side to side, did this a few times goes on OK now.
    Cheers Paul
  9. Paul, thanks for letting me know.

    I haven't had a chance to take it on a long ride yet, so i was just wondering what its like in terms of comfort and ventilation over longer distances?

    Btw how much did you pay for yours?
  10. Hullo.
    Ive got a Shark Helmet and I have the same problem. And it gives me the shits. (an unusual result medically speaking you will agree). However I overcame the problem by purchasing a balaclava for $12 from a motorcycle accesory shop. I put that on first, obviously and the helmet slides on with not a problem to the ears, :grin: and because the balaclava is silk it is warm when it is in winter and cool in the summer. And you look like a thug when you take the hat off. :evil:

    Good Luck
  11. I think I paid $700.00 Xmas last year
  12. I will give that balaclava a go, since it going to make me look like a hoodlum. :D

    I think its a great helmet well worth the money.
  13. I have the Shark RSX and experience the same problem. As noted above, a bit of a twist to each side usually fixes it. I have noticed it's becoming less of an issue as the pads wear in a little, perhaps yours will also improve with age.
  14. +1 Same helmet, same problem, fixed with shoving my neck warmer up over me ears before putting the helmet on. Worse with this helmet vs all previous helmets. I bought mine for $600 exactly 1 week before seeing the ad for $385. $&%&^* mother *%&$&^ stupid &%^%. :oops:

    love the light weight though.
  15. I think its still worth the full price 799, shits on most shoie's and their snell cret.
  16. so they are much quieter than shoei's? my rf700 is overdue for replacement but i want something Quiet at 110 or so.
  17. +1 on the balaclava

    get one thats nice and snug so it holds your ears against your head whereas large one pretty doesn't and will still let your ears fold.

    Very easy to lose as well though.