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Shark RSI - review

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by slickncghia, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. A couple of months back I got an 09 prime (all black) that i had to order in as no-one had the new primes at the time + tinted visor for $460.
    I was quoted less over the phone but instore they denied that :? ... but I needed the lid at the time so I gave up arguing and shelled out.

    I will boycot brighton bikes and bits for their poor service on this.

    anyway the lid.

    Looks awesome in black with the tinted visor, very light, quiet comfortable

    but to be honest I'm disappointed in it.

    The visor setup is poor and when trying to open the visor it presses the top of the visor against the helmet surface and it has caused allot of wear and requires allot of force to open.

    its also quite noisy early on compared to my previous lid and had broken in allot more allot quicker. even though it was a tighter fit initially than my last helmet it is as loose after a couple of months as that one was after 2 years. Combine this with the visor issues and it means unless force is applied to stop the helmet moving around, the helmet just moves instead of the visor

    I also dont like how the visor dosent open up as much. when fully open it is still visible above the eye line. this is not a quality issue, just a little personal thing that i didn't take notice of when trying them on.

    Thats my review. Pretty disappointed in the build quality for such an expensive helmet.

    Hopefully it lasts a while at least. the rear fin has already chipped a little from a minor tap putting it into a shelf, i think that will go pretty quick if ever dropped on the back.

    Anyway just thought i would post that up as personally its had to find honest reviews.
  2. I currently have a Shark RSI, i dropped it a couple weeks ago so I'm looking to maybe replace it. I wont be getting another one. I've found it to also have horrible ventilation points. To the point where i cant tell if they are open or closed.
  3. I bought one these a couple of weeks ago and I am quite happy with it. I was going to wait a few more weeks before writing a full review but I find it a significantly superior lid to my Shoei TZR.
  4. actually +1

    i forgot to mention that. i cant even tell which position the vents are in, open or closed. this was more than noticeable on my soumy.

    poor ventilation which leads to heap of fog on the inside, despite the "anti-fog" aftermarket tinted lense
  5. Hmmm, I looove my RSI, had it for a year now, I crashed in it, had to get a black texta to colour in the gouges, lol.

    I hacked open the vents to get more air in for Summer but I tape them closed for Winter.

    It started to get loud with wind noise after about 6 months, I've got thicker cheek pads on order with James at Yamaha City to see if that shuts it up.

    I have purchased anti-fog clear & tint visors; they are fantastic!

    I love how light the lid is, I love the looks.

    This is the only helmet short of an Arai that fits the shape of my head. I'd prefer an Arai but the cheapest Arai is $650 (and it's their heavier model), the Shark RSI is only $390 at Yamaha City.

    If these cheek pads shut up the wind noise, the RSI helmet will be the only helmet I'll ever wear.
  6. i wonder how i make mine turn antifog.

    and i know what you mean about it being the cheek pads. the forehead feels similar to original but around the ears down its quite lose now.

    ive only had it what 2 months or so now. but ive done a good 3,500kms in that time i suppose
  7. I'm happy enough with mine too. It fits my head perfectly. I've had no trouble with the visor opening, closing (easy) or marking of the helmet or visor.

    I have to agree about the ventilation points - I had to look in the instructions to see what was open and what was closed because I couldn't notice any difference. That's a sign of poor ventilation IMO.
  8. would you mind telling which is open and closed on the mouth vent?
  9. Didn't ya get a handbook with yours?
  10. Pushing IN the top of the mouth switch and pushing IN the rear of the skull switch will open the vents. However, that's not a guarantee that air will flow through them.
  11. Honestly, you give them a review section and thye still post it in the wrong spot :roll:

    There is no hope for humanity :p
  12. Just wanna keep you busy and off the streets Vic :wink:
  13. Hey Ben long time!
    Just got a new RSI
    Perfect Fit
    Easy open/close visor
    Warm interior
    Nice thick padding
    Ventilation is good
    But what I dont like is the strap flap at speed :mad:
    Ben does yours have the genuine shark sticker on the back :?:
    Just wondering might not mean anything.

    Cheers Bruce
  14. I find that the strap flap goes away when you tuck the end of the strap through the holder on the other strap and pull it up so there's no more slack.
  15. Yeah I have trouble telling, but I get good flow in either position, so it's fine. Better ventiliation than the Shoei is, even open.

    Poor ventilation mechanisms are common to most middle priced helmets unfortunately. You do have to wonder whether the people designing them have ever ridden a bike.
  16. Bruce there is a plastic guide on the right strap (as you're wearing the helmet), the end of the strap is held in that to stop it flapping.
  17. Good one John thanks for that :!:
    Coming home last night ice all over the roads everywhere conditions pretty crap generally my RSI fogged up in a flash inside and out, caught me by surprise.

    Will need to get some STUFF so this doesn't happen again.
    Ben you do have me wondering about the RSI now :roll:

    Cheers Bruce
  18. Get an anti-fog visor or smeer on and polish off dishwashing liquid.
  19. Have 2 of them myself and prefer them to the shoei i have .

    Fit nicer on my melon head and appear to be quieter and lighter.
  20. I'd have to agree with the vents... It fits my head really well, feels light and balanced compared to others I've tried on, but the vents and fogging up the visor is a bit of a problem.

    I got a tinted visor for it online; the Iridium Blue colour and that one doesn't fog up at all. It must just be a problem with the stock clear one?