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Shark RSI Helmet Fogging Up?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pedro78, May 7, 2009.

  1. I recently bought a Shark RSI Helmet. They are advertised as having a Dual-treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) 'Total Vision' 2.2mm visor however every morning this week my helmet has fogged up on me.
    I have made sure the vents are definitely open but even when moving they still don’t seem to clear the visor.
    The only way to clear it has been to lift the visor to the first notch but on a cold morning that certainly not what I want to be doing.
    I realise there are products you can buy but I am interested to see how others with have found these helmets?
    Am I just one of the unlucky ones or is there no such thing as an anti fog visor?

  2. There are anti fog fluids, "jelly" spreads, films, face masks (a la, a ski misk) etc. All relatively cheap.
  3. My RSI can fog up waiting at the lights but clears quickly when mobile, direct your breath out to bottom of helmet keeps fogging to a minimum at lights/stopped.
  4. Some Shark helmets come with an anti-fog lens but the RSI does not, it was tested for AS1698 with a non anti-fog (oversight by Shark) so it legally has to be sold with that type.

    I guess as Shark does not want to pay for retesting just to get an anti-fog visor homologated, that's the way they come.

    All replacement visors (both clear & tinted) that Ficeda (the importers) bring in are anti-fog. I have anti-fog visors for my RSI and they work fantastic!

    Go an see James at Yamaha City, he's got them there.
  5. If that’s the case then I have a big problem with them advertising the Dual-treated anti-scratch/anti-fog visor as one of the standard features.

    The Shark RSI Features:
    • Shell made from multi-directional composite fibers and strengthened with Carbon/Aramid
    • Multi-element, internal shock-absorber with differentiated density Airflow directed by integrated ducts and 'Venturi' deflectors
    • Dual-treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) 'Total Vision' 2.2mm visor
    • Shark's patented 'One Push' quick release visor system
    • Optimized demisting using visor frame diffuser
    • Fully removable and washable interior in microfiber fabric Ergonomic cheek pads
    • Anti-fog visor and chin cover
    • Approx 1400g (±50g).

    It would make sense though why I don’t have an issue with the tinted visor.
    Just seems to be the standard clear one that im having the problem with.
  6. Where was it advertised as that?

    I think you could just spit your dummy out, go to the place where you bought it from and hit them up for a discount on an anti-fog visor.... then everyone will be happy :wink:
  7. i have a RSI and find that it will only fog up on a really cold day when im at the lights for more than 30 seconds or wearing sunnies but it normally clears itself up once im moving
  8. Might have to look at getting replacement clear visor then because its a great helmet apart from the fogging.
  9. I have the same helmet and my clear visor fogs up too.

    I also have the tinted visor which doesn't fog fog up at all. I noticed the inside of the tinted visor has a film of anti fog, which the clear visor doesn't.

    Seems like false advertising to me. I never followed it up with the dealer as I rarely use the clear visor.

    Otherwise agree, very good helmet for the price.
  10. well, write in, ask them to supply a non fog visor.
  11. Living in Canberra where my morning commute is just above 0 at present I'm fogging up every day. I've done all the reading and basically all the sprays etc you can put on don't really work (I've been using RainX anti-fog) in cold conditions. The only thing that works at present is leaving the visor open a crack to let in the cold air and that keeps it mostly fog free when moving, but fogs as soon as I stop.

    I have just bought a visor insert (FogCity ProShield Clear) that should be here today which hopefully will fix the problem.

    BikeWorld has heaps of tests on all these things and the only thing they found that really worked was inserts. They test via steam from boiling water and inserts never fogged.
  12. i had the same problem until i put a progrip light sensitive nofog lens on, it just sticks on the inside of your visor and it didnt cost that much. ive had it in place for about 2 years and it hasnt fogged up once.
  13. Same here , although I have never used it with the clear visor.