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Shark RSF2i Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Guys/Girls. Just got a new helmet and what would you know? My sunnies don't fit whilst wearing it. It's all good however as I really like the helmet and it was cheap. The visors change really easy so I thought :idea: Tinted visor. Trying to find a tinted visor for my Shark RSF2i and none of the local shops (all 2 of them) had any. My local ordered one in that should be here by Friday.

    Just wondering if the $69.95 price is a bit expensive. It's not an Iridium one just a dark tint. I also had a look around the net and couldn't really find any either so I can't compare.

  2. Thats an ok price mate, probably wouldn't do much better than that. They use essentially same visor as my Shark RSR2 (mebbe same visor, slightly diff catches?) and thats about the price I've found.
  3. thats a bit step, if i remember correctly i think i was qouted closer to 49 or 59 (something like that for tinted shark visors) not sure how they compare with other brands tinted visors, but sharks seem to be expensive IMO

    Probably about right considering you are in Rocky though.

    Cheers stewy
  4. Just been to the shop and noted that the Shark "book" lists a RRP of $49.95, those book prices are probably subject to change and I need it by Friday as I've got a ride on.

  5. Nah the RSR has a 3mm F1 Visor and the RSF2i has the 2.2mm. They are still a more "solid" feeling visor than my HJC CL-14. Lot less noise and buffet too.
  6. My Shark RSR tinted visor cost me $70 from Bikebiz in Parra.