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Shark Raw helmet - anyone got one?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cougs, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. In the market for a new open face shortly and I like the look of these.

    Tried one on and they seem to fit my bounce Ok and have read all the usual reviews on the interwebz but was wondering if anyone who has/had one can give me a real life opinion?
  2. Interested to hear people's experiences too, for my next helmet I'm thinking either the Raw or the Vancore if it's out by then.
  3. A bit of a delayed response to this, but I just got my Shark Vancore from Italy yesterday. Freaking awesome helmet :)
  4. I say as someone in an AS1698-only state: bastard.
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  5. Yes, that is me haha. Extremely happy with the Vancore. So light and looks bad ass :)

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  6. That is does, AcidTripAcidTrip. I can only hope NSW gets on the ECE 22.05 bandwagon soon so I can pick up something when I'm in Europe next month.
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  7. I'd do it anyway, it'll happen soon. It has to. Right?
  8. Fair point, I might just do that.
  9. I have the shark raw as one of my helmets. I really enjoy it. The goggle/mask area does get very windy/noisy at speeds so burling down the highway gets a bit much after a while. I keep it for my around town riding and short bursts. It is comfortable as hell, I like the fact I can take off the goggles and mask if I so wish to do. I also like if I do have them on I can lift the whole mask and goggles up and rest them on the helmet so I can actually have a conversation with people if I need too.

    Extra air vents etc means fogging up of the goggles is pretty near non existant and its a great helmet for summer and staying coool