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Shark Leathers??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ricardo68, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Shark leathers? Particularly the one piece they have for sale at $399?? I'm liking the pricepoint and would love to support a form sponsor ...

    Any feedback? How's quality & sizing? I'm obviously not expecting $2k quality gear for this price, just something that will get me through a couple of track days :)

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  2. I have their womens leather pants in black. Very comfortable, stitching is very good quality, soft leather, padding is good and panels of neoprene and kevlar are well-placed. I find them more comfortable than my jeans, would wear them every day if Brissie wasn't getting warmer now.
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  3. Hey good feedback Hongyi :) Thanks for the review in brief.

    Mainly that the quality is there and what the sizing is like, say with Dianese I tend to go a size up?

    Also any other comments or experiences would be welcome, like their service or whatever ... I haven't found a great deal of info on them really !
  4. They have a process were you can return anything you get if it's not right for you and they'll send a different size etc. So, if you get a suit that is too big/small etc, simply send it back and they'll send you a different one. They were happy to do that for me. I did have an issue when I got my order, but was partly my fault and partly theirs.

    I ordered a mat black suit in a certain size. What I got was the size I ordered, but, was a different (also black) suit. They are similar, but not the same. When I tried it on, it was way too big for me. (my size guess was wrong, not their fault). Also, the boots I ordered were the wrong size (again, my issue not theirs). I sent them back, but the issue was that the suite I wanted was delayed from their supplier... In the end, I got a different suit (red and black). So, it wasn't smooth, but, it was partly my fault too.

    I find the suit quite comfortable and seems to be a reasonable build quality to me. I don't have a lot of experience with other brands to compare to be honest. The impact protection seems good, except the hip protectors are a bit flimsy. My suite is perforated (I think they all are??) and air flow is good. I did a track day when it was around 38 deg (so, much hotter on the track etc). The air flow was very welcome.
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  5. Great feedback, thanks Minglis!! I'll get in contact with them and go from there.
  6. sorry to revive an old thread, but does anyone know how their sizing compares with other brands?

    their size chart is very simple, with little detail
  7. So you're floundering..?
  8. haha....

    i guess you could say I'm a little Koi about taking a blind punt on sizing
  9. You want to be sure before you take the plunge.
  10. After reading this thread I rang John from Shark leathers and he was super helpful. Cleared up sizing issues with the two piece suits and let me know they had an all new model to replace the current advertised model.... I actually needed an undersuit for a track day on Saturday and he arranged to get it to me by Friday.

    Service is definitely great, quality will be put to the test very soon :)

  11. Was the undersuit a choice, or a requirement for the track day?
  12. Nah it's a choice mate. Getting in and out of a suit is hard enough let alone on a 38 degree day after sweating like a pig.
  13. makes sense :)