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Shark helmet...WTF!?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Anson, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Sup guys.
    I have recently bought a new helmet, and I didn't really check it before I left the store. And when I was cleaning it after my first ride, I noticed some obvious cracks at the chin of the helmet.

    What am I supposed to do!? Should I take it to the dealer? Would they just refuse to get it fixed for me as it has left the store?? HELP!
  2. Might have been dropped in the shop.
    Ring them up. Take it back. Tell them you just bought it and noticed all these cracks.

    The Shark rep visits the stores regularly. They took my helmet back as the visor was not sealing... techs had a very simple fix.
  3. Return it to the store and claim warranty.
    Given there is no impact damage it should be able to be replaced given its in a short time frame.

    It's possible it could have been dropped by someone at the store prior to purchase.
    Could you take some pics and upload please.
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  4. Warranty
  5. What do you mean by not sealing properly? It's hard to know if there is something wrong with your gear or it is meant to be like that when it is the first time you have owned any of it! :/
  6. What was the fix for this?
    Sometimes mine doesn't seal the best.
  7. Personally, this is where the difference between shops come in to play. If they are willing to listen and take it back as warranty (as they should by the sound of it) you can bet I would continue to shop there.
    If you have any grief from them maybe e-mail Shark themselves to ask for help.
  8. Some visor mechanisms are adjustable. See - http://www.shark-helmets.com/faq.php

    Look at item 3 under Technical, the link will direct you to your helmets owners manual if you don't still have it.
  9. Thanks for that!!
  10. I have a Shark Vision R. The visor is Non adjustable but uses the auto seal system.
    I was having about 2-3mm gaps when visor was closed. very annoying and whistled.

    Spoke to the rep and he said the tech said it was an easy fix... use the supplied lube ! WTF?
    I said I did not get any!... he sent the helmet back with a bottle... it is also a spare part you can order. Nothing in the manual mentions oiling the visor sealing rubber.

    just a drop or two on the finger and wipe the rubber seal. Lid closes nice and tight now.
    I think it some kind of silicone oil. lasts just over a week of daily use.
  11. Hi guys! I took the helmet back to them and they have ordered another one for me. Such a shame I don't know how to upload the picture of the defect..
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  12. Thats fantastic news that they were able to swap the helmet over. Pictures can be uploaded with from the button right of Reply.
  13. Awesome news, glad to hear there won't be any heartache over it.
  14. Never ever hesitate to take things back if there is something wrong with the product especially safety related gear. Even without the proof of sale.
    I used to be so reluctant to return things and would say things to myself like they won't believe me or they'll think I am trying it on etc. even though I was fully aware of my statutory rights as a buyer.
    then I recently grew a pair (wooohoo) and found if approached in a polite and reasonable manner you get results. Wow.
    What a dicknose huh?
    All the money I wasted over the years being a wuss when things were obviously defective :( and not taking things back that really needed to.
    This is definitely one of those cases where you shouldn't even hesitate to return the item.
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  15. Is there a certain type of fertilizer I need to grow a pair....?
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  16. Some would argue bullshit works best but just a bit of courage and determination seems to grow me quite and attractive set! :D
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  17. I agree guys! The guy called me twice today. One was telling me the second helmet has arrived and it is found to have the same defect and they contacted Shark about this issue. After only a few hours, they gave me another call saying Shark's representative actually drove and delivered a brand new helmet to them. Glad to hear that Shark is taking the issue seriously!
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  18. Wow, that's certainly above the call.
  19. That's impressive. The store must of put some pressure on Shark to get it sorted.
  20. Hyosung have really got their styling together with their new 700 cruiser, that's a nice looking bike :)