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Shark Helmet deals anywhere?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by locusm, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Anyone know of any good deals going anywhere on Shark Vision-R or Evoline 2/3 lids ?


  2. I have a Shark Vision-R Syntic (XL) that I have worn about 20 times.. if it suits, could do a deal with you

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  3. Thanks muga but Im a Large size fit.

  4. Have ruled out the Evoline - even at a size up to XL I still feel pressure on the sides.
    Currently working out differences between Speed-R and Vision-R.

    TeamMoto at Virginia here in Brisbane have shelf stock of the Race-R for $499
  5. I picked the Sept issue of the free motorbike newspaper CycleTorque today, full page ad by Action Motorcycles & Accessories says 50% to 70% off Shark helmets.
    Says visit their Ebay store Action Motor Online. They're in Sydney but says they ship AU wide. Be worth a look I reckon.
  6. Nice find man - thanks

  7. Although it seems to only be for some runout models - bummer.

    Best deal so far is here at Sydney City Motorcycles

    Vision-R for $359
    Speed-R for $399
  8. That's a good price for a Vision-R, I paid around $450 for mine. It's a good helmet for me.
  9. Any idea if the Speed-R is the exact same fit? The Vision fits me like a glove but they had no Speed-R's to try yesterday.

  10. I'm really not sure, there was a website that explained what helmet would fit what head shape. I have a long thin head and the Vison-R fits well. I'll see if I can find the website then you can see if the Speed-R is in the same category for fit.
  11. I have a vision r and tried a speed r on

    Decent fit with rightness around cheekline but not to much
  12. Vision R for $359 is the best I have seen, paid $405 for mine. I got to choose any colour though so maybe they only have limited colours?
  13. I can't find the website I was talking about, very frustrating.
  14. Thats OK - I ordered this late last night
  15. Hi,

    Where did you see the VISION-R for that price ? Cheapest price I've seen is around $450.

  16. This post is for Queenslanders

    Saw this on OzBargain, so credit to them: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/80859

    Shark Race-R with iridium visor for $399 at Team Moto (QLD), it's in store only deal as well.

    Cheapest on BikeBiz is $504 for just the standard plain black coloured helmet with no graphics, so looks like a pretty good deal.
  17. Yeah I picked one up (and the visor, didnt realise they retail for another $90) - great deal!