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Featured Shark Evoline Series 3

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by iClint, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Thought I would review my new Shark Evoline Series 3 helmet.


    This is my third shark helmet as I find them a good fit for my head shape, the build quality and features are second to none and I think they are very good value for money.

    They retail for around $550 but I picked mine up for ~$500 with 10% discount from a brick and mortar store.


    You will find the usual featurs of shark helmets including the cut outs for sunnies/glasses, removable machine washable liners and cut outs for internal speakers. It also includes a built in tinted sun shade.

    As with other Evolines the helmet can be used in both an open face or full face configuration with the main update to the Evoline 3 being the simultaneous opening of the visor when lifting the chin bar.


    I'm not a fan of modular helmets normally as I have found them to be flimsy and even when locked closed have little faith in them staying shut or intact in a crash. The Evoline is not like this at all the chin bar when locked shut is extremely sturdy with no play or movement using all my strength I was not able to pry it open or create any movement with the display model unlike another modular helmets admittedly in the entry price point that I was able to bust open with out using the latch.

    The Evoline is very sturdy and I would put this down to the way the chin bar is locked down, once lowered in to place you push it back into the helmet and you can feel/hear it lock into place. It's also my understanding that under other international standards systems the helmet is rated both as an open face helmet and a full face helmet unlike others.


    Probably the smartest feature of the Evoline is that it can be used as an open face helmet unlike other modular helmets. While probably not recommended I had no trouble operating the chin bar while moving at highway speed and had almost forgotten that feeling of the wind in my face on warm sunny day.

    The vents, visor and sun visor are easy to operate with gloves as is the chin bar once you develop the knack for unlocking it from the folded back position.

    The main visor is not as easy as some to remove, something I like as I will often give the visor a good wash to remove bugs when stopped for fuel. While no tools are required you will need something like your bike key to depress a tab on each side and remove the visor. Replacing the visor is a little fiddle but simply once you get the hang of it.

    The visor has 10 ratchet set openings, despite me only ever riding with it closed, just cracked or fully open, this may be of importance to others.


    The built in sun visor does away with the need for a tinted visor and the need to change them in low light and/or bad weather. My only grip is that it is not polarised, something that is a must for riding making visibility of distant objects easier and reducing glare and eye strain.

    The noise level while riding is average, while I have noticed some slight whistling noise probably due to the hinge for the visor and chin bar it is not terrible and undetectable when using ear plugs which I would recomnd all riders do.

    The helmet is heavier than what I am used to but probably due to my last couple of helmets being carbon fibre and among the lightest helmets available. However the balance of the helmet is effected with the chin bar folded back making it rear heavy it is immediately noticeable but after a minute or so of riding as you get used to it not a real negative but probably worth mentioning.


    At high speed the Evoline seems very stream lined no matter how you configure it with little to no buffering, on both my fully faired and naked bikes

    With the chin bar and visor in place the helmet seals out the elements very well, I had no leaks while riding in heavy rain.

    Included with the helmet is a vile of "Shark Lube" which shark recomend you use from time to time to keep the rubber seals soft.

    Like all shark helmet it comes with a serial numbered warranty card you register online, while I have never needed to make a warranty claim I have ordered parts and have had no trouble getting them through the Australian distributor.

    Fitting an after market intercom was simple with nothing to really note.

    I would highly recomend this helmet to anyone who enjoys riding with an open face helmet but also wants the advantages of a full face helmet.

    Happy to answer any questions anyone might have.
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  2. Seems ideal for someone doing courier work. How easy is it to swing the chin bar away and back into place while the helmet is being worn?

    [Edit: Sorry, just read your post more thoroughly and answered my own question:

    "While probably not recommended I had no trouble operating the chin bar while moving at highway speed and had almost forgotten that feeling of the wind in my face on warm sunny day."]
  3. Clint were you wearing a shark when you had your altercation with the car , and how did it stand up to that. I wear a shark evoline and love the way it operates. Its good to ride open faced occasionally.
  4. Great review iClintiClint. I wonder how it stacks up against the Shoei Neotec. Thoughts anybody? Looks like the chin bar is more versatile.
  5. Yes I was. I was wearing shark's top tier offering the "Race-R Pro Carbon" I took a car to the face, I remained conscious, the helmet shell held together and the Visor even stayed on.

    I'll expand on this a little further, While you can open the chin bar with the visor closed, must have the visor open in order to bring the thin bar back down. Other wise it is a peace of cake to open and close with one hand.

    I looked at the Shoei Neotec (partly because they have a colour that is an almost exact match for my VFR's "candy prominence red") but Shoei's are just a bad fit for me I can always feel a couple of pressure spots on the top of my head.

    While the Shoei would be a close competitor I'm not sure the Shoei is really designed to be ridden with the chin bar up, it may even act as a sail and try to rip your head off.

    The Evoline isn't so much a full face helmet you can open when you walk into the shops but a full face helmet you can convert to an open face for riding.
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  6. Thanks. I have always worn a full face as I feel I have better protection so riding open face is not currently appealing to me. I expect the Neotec to act like a sail too, it does not appear to be made for open face riding. Big difference in the two helmets!
  7. I have one of these helmets and they are pretty darn good.

    I use it when coaching and I dig it's versatility.

    I don't use it for general road duties though since it's nowhere near as quiet or as light as my road Shark helmet.

    The helmet rates very well on the Sharp ratings from the UK.

  8. I agree with Rob long rides your going to want something lighter and quieter unless you wear earplugs.

    But for running around town getting on and off the bike it'd great.

    Open face might not be appealing to every one but think of those times when it's a scorching hot humid day and your stuck at the lights popping the helmet open is a godsend.

    IMHO you really haven't experienced riding until you have riden with the wind in our face, everybody needs to try it once
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  9. got a 2 love it.
  10. I understand bugs can have a sweet flavour, or so I have been told! I have not tried open face riding but up until not that long ago, I had not tried riding either. So it's an opportunity to take on when I have a chance.
  11. Have both a Shark EVO 3 and a Shoei Neotec.
    The only concern I have with the Shark Evo 3 is lack of ventilation when in full face mode here in QLD. The head gets very hot.Great as all round helmet, but lacks a good vent system IMHO.
    So I purchased a Shoei Neotec,and fitted a Sena intergrated blue tooth system.
    The Shoei Neotec has an exceptional venting system and is much quieter when travelling than the Shark Evo 3 IMHO.