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Shark evoline 3 helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by malpri, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Has anyone yet had any experience with this new SHARK helmet?

  2. Huh, hadn't even heard of it. Must've been recently. Looks good though, killer colour schemes. The Century High V scheme would be very Mass Effect N7y if it were in red
  3. S3, huh?

    I only just heard about it here in this thread, but they claim to have improved ventilation, weight and noise.

    I've been rocking an Evoline S2 around town for the last 4 months and:
    - Weighs more than a planet. (I think the Large is around 1.8kg, 2.0kg or so?)
    - Ventilation/cooling from the tiny top vent is... pathetic, frankly.
    - Noisier than a most full-face helmets on the market, but then again everyone's riding with earplugs because even the quietest helmet on the market is still a pretty-damn-loud 85dBa at 100kph. Right? Right???

    - Can ride open-face for fun/comfort/awesomeness, which is pretty addictive.
    - Can ride full-face in crap weather or for improved crash protection.
    - Switching from full-face to open face and back is really fast and simple. Can do it with one hand.
    - Internal tinted visor means no more having to figure out if you'll be home before it gets dark.
    - In open-face or jet configurations, there is ALL THE VENTILATION IN THE WORLD.
    - Makes you look like a fighter pilot.

    So yeah, heavy, hot (in closed-face mode), and a little noisy. Though the S3 claims to improve those three things over the S2, so who knows? :)
  4. Comfortable, versatile and great if you wear glasses as easy to fit with open face and sunvisor means you don't need sunglasses. Nice to switch to open face when getting hot. Ventilation is not a problem if you crack open the visor, it has many positions. Also I find it fairly quiet when closed up. Doesn't fog much.
  5. I've recently procured the freshly arrived (according to the distributor) high-vis version and have given it a whirl for the past few weeks.

    It's actually quieter than my old AGV, but that's all relative to what was a pretty noisy lid. I can't say I've noticed the weight issues often mentioned, but I'm not a pencil-necked geek (;) ) and am used to the XL K3 with Bluetooth comms, windjammer and camera mounted. The interior finish is the best of any helmet I've owned, but then this is the most expensive I've owned and I suppose that's to be expected.

    On the down side, the pattern on this helmet makes me look disturbingly like a high-vis version of Strongbad.
  6. my partner is up for a new lid, she has a bmw system 5 which has reached the end of its useful life, she loves the flip up especially when touring, we looked at the shark evoline and she felt it was too heavy, that said cant rememeber if it was a 2 or 3, it was at AMX in keilor? going to check out the nolan and shoei neotec, any suggestion would be welcome!
  7. The bonus with the evoline is that the flip face rotates all the way behind and keeps the helmet balanced and aerodynamic. The other flip faces only rotate the face part way providing significant drag when moving.

    I have an Evoline2 and love it for coaching purposes and general commuting. I don't like it for freeway or blatting duties. The higher windnoise compared to my Shark full face is noticeable.
  8. yeah, I liked the design, ALOT so much of an improvement over the bmw lid, that said i dont have to wear it (til i get one myself lol) I know flip lids are inherently heavier due to design, not much difference between the shark shoei and nolan as far as weight goes i dont think, see how she goes after tryin the nolan and shoei on, unfortunately amx didnt have them so only had the evoline to try
  9. One nifty thing about the Series 3 is they've somehow magically keyed the visor actuation in with the chinbar actuation. So you don't have to raise the main visor up before rotating the chinbar to open-face mode - the visor opens automagically with the chinbar.

    (Unfortunately it doesn't work for going open-face to full-face mode if the visor is down, AFAIK)
  10. From the vids I have seen you can then just pull the visor down again when you have lifted the chinbar.
    I want to know if it is any quieter or if it leaks when it rains, also how fog free is it in winter?.
  11. The Evo 3 is allegedly 200ish grams lighter than the 2, so it may pay to give it another look to be sure.
  12. #13 Spots, Dec 11, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2012
    I've got an S2 - Yes, you can lower the visor after raising the chinbar, for a "jet" style open-face.

    The S3's party trick is that on the S1 and S2 the visor has to be manually opened before the chinbar will move at all, which is a mistake Evoline S1 and S2 owners probably only make once - but not before making a fool of themselves wondering why the chinbar isn't going up no matter how hard they push the release button.

    My S2 doesn't leak* when it rains.
    (* the chin vent seems specially designed to splash the rider in the face when open, and I have to make sure that I've properly closed the visor with a firm push downward onto its seals or a bit of water can slowly seep through the top seal)

    Noise-wise... It's much of a muchness between open and closed face. The frequencies of noise certainly change but I'm not sure if it gets much quieter in closed-face. Edit: I'd say that in comfort terms it's quieter in closed-face mode, but in terms of hearing damage I wouldn't trust it.

    With the caveat that Brisbane doesn't really have 'winter', in cold and wet weather up here I haven't had issues with fogging. All my Shark helmets have been amazing with respect to fogging, as they come with anti-fog coatings and breathguards. I was worried about the Evoline fogging up as it has no breathguard and there's likely no way to fit a breathguard, but that doesn't seem to be the case.... But perhaps a Mexican can provide better insight?

    I think my bigger concern during winter would be that there's no means to fit a WindJammer skirt around the bottom when its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, as that'd interfere with the chinbar operation.
  13. yes agreed, I prefer the design!
  14. I've only experienced partial light fogging - but I don't think that I've worn it on a "chilled to the bone" kind of day. It looked like there was enough "draft" to take your moisture laden breath away from the visor.

    No particular obvious leakage in the wet - no worse than any other helmet I've owned anyway.
  15. Good to know think fogging is inevitable in most helmets and cant say i have ever had a leak issue with any lid, well until the seal on the visor goes anyway
  16. Necksock over the chin in winter
  17. I had the vision R as my last helmet. Had an off and I was in no way impressed in how it failed. Not a big off, took the impact on my arm first, yet the helmet showed a lot of stress cracking and splits.

    Skeptical of Shark helmets now.
  18. Can say same about BMW system 4, but system 5 was all good!
  19. i got one of the first shipment into Aus so i have had it for a while.

    i tend to avoid riding in the rain, but in the time i have been caught out, it keeps the water out... unless you have the chin vent open, in which case you get an nice spray over your face.

    it is quite noisy, the 'tracks' on the sides create a slight whistle... but being right next to your ear, it is noticable.
    it is HUGE, i have an XL granted, but i feel like a manic depressed robot.
    i am guessing it is to get all the geometry right for the fliping action, and to house the internal visor.

    it doesnt flow much air when it is closed, there is a little piece of plastic on the visor mechinisim that, if you close the visor slowly, keeps it cracked open on one side. this is great untill you are goung fast around a sweeping right hander, at which point it shoots a jet of air right into your eye.

    it is great for commuting. i tend to ride around suburbia and city with it open.