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Sharing the two wheeled joy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. On Friday, I quit work early. One of my dearest friends in the world put out a call that her son, born with half a heart and been under the knife more times than I've washed my sox, was really down.

    He's 11 and despite his considerable medical issues, is doing relatively well... considering...

    Anyway, I rocked up, with a full set of spare gear, all too big for him LOL, put it on him, threw him on, and off we went for a spin down the nepean highway. What a trooper. He was trying to be "too cool for school" like he did this everyday... Hah! According to his mother, he hasn't stopped talking about it and it was just the tonic he needed. :)

    Such a small gesture had such big rewards.

    Anyway, I'm waiting for some pics. I'll post up the smiling tyke when some pics come through.


    Any two wheeled joy stories to share?
  2. That's so great Rob :) I'm too new to pillion yet, but if when I can I can pull off something like that, It'd make my day as well.
  3. Goodonya Rob, Great story. Sorry I don't have a similar one to share. Although seeing the look on the face of bike Newbies when they go from sh**t I am barely in control this is scary as hell, to hey this is fun is a great feeling.

  4. Why am I not surprised you did that? Good one Bloke!
  5. What a nice man you are Rob!

    Closest I've come to this was taking a lady for a spin on the back of my Hornet, up and back down Macquarie Pass a couple of weeks ago. She's just sold her 250 Single GN Suzuki, and bought a Hornet, but felt spooked by the power and different feel.

    When she got off she said, "I don't think I'll ever ride my bike like that."

    I just smiled to myself :LOL:.
  6. the world needs more people like you Rob :)

    OK, my little tale....
    a mate I went to school with has recently become single, left to raise his 3 young girls. The 3 girls have been struggling with no mum, lets just say they are not as well kept in the dress department as they once were and as a result have been teased and tormented at school. The father in his state of depression has also let the house rundown a bit, lawns not mowed etc etc and the house is now the worst in the street, another thing for the kids to get teased at school about.

    Some mornings he starts work very early and cant make sure the kids get up for school so I have been helping out when I can.
    The other week it was raining and my car wasn't going, so I couldn't drive the kids to school like I normally would, I had to pillion then, yep, 3 trips.
    (lucky I had an elcheapo plastic raincoat and pants for them to use)
    The kids were thrilled. When I saw them that evening they told me that some of their classmates had seen them on the bike and they are now the "cool" kids. I am not allowed to take them to school in the car anymore. :LOL: They tell me the teasing has stopped now and the eldest even has a boy showing interest.
    They are not the "daggy" kids anymore.
    I'm just not sure what to say to the youngest two when when they say
    "I wish you were our real mum" :?
  7. The (almost?) annual Camp Quality ride in Sydney. I've been to the last two and a team of wild horses couldn't keep me from attending the next one, especially now that I can pillion.
  8. No story from me, I can't pillion anyway. (still on L's - for another 8 days!)

    But a huge
    to Rob and Caz.
  9. thats great caz and rob!

    good work!

    i dont have a story like that either

  10. good stuff!


  11. :WStupid:
  12. :oops: Taa folks! It's almost embarrassing how little effort on my part it took to put a smile on a kids face.

    I've never had to deal with 1/10 of the things he has had to. He could teach me a thing or two about HTFU!!!! And he still manages to smile of his own accord... just needed an extra boost this week.

    My small gesture doesn't seem that special... but that's the point... it was a reminder how amazingly joyful this riding thing we love to do is. Sometimes we forget.

    I'm not sure I'm making sense.

    Now Caz on the other hand, now that deserves a :applause: . Hat's off to you my gal. THAT is definitely sharing the joy of two wheels and is going above and beyond.

    V niiiiice indeed V1. :applause:
  13. +50 on the thumbs up :)
  14. Rob and Caz.
    You both are legends. :wink:
  15. I just took my wife for my first ever two up yesterday (her first pillion too).

    It'll be a while before i'm confident enough to take anyone on a proper ride. we just kept to the quiet streets and puttered around.

    might be a candidate for the next camp quality ride.

    ... and +1 to the funny look of someone wearing gear thats way too big for them.
  16. Great stuff, Caz and Rob! Just by associating with bikers those kids are cool :LOL:

    Not a generosity story, but... One of my clients was in a car with his mates when I rode past and he apparently bragged to them about how that's his massage therapist :LOL: :cool:
  17. Well done Rob & Caz. Taking the time and effort to help those that are less fortunate makes you a special sort of person. I hope the positive karma fairy visits you both (and anybody else that gives their time & effort to help the less fortunate).
  18. Anybody know where I can get a sidecar for a Virago :LOL:
    I can't stand the fighting.... :tantrum:
    now I know why I don't have kids :wink:
  19. here’s my lil nephew… this was the first time he’d been on a bike…my old FJ... pic says it all.. ;)


    beautifully balanced and powerful bike the FJ’s…. very disappointed with the newer FJR’s… too top heave.. :(
  20. I think the penny has dropped..... Blue, do I know you from another forum? :wink: