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Sharing the road with cars

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fixed, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. I was flipping through the new Royal Auto, slightly bored as I don't drive any more and started thinking about drivers and riders and how little crossover there seems to be in their respective publications.

    I wondered if there was any way for the VMU or even Netrider itself to present the RACV with an opportunity to tap into the resources and experience of the riding community in order to put together an article for car drivers on how to share the road with bikes?

    Bikes don't seem to figure in car magazines; they're not part of the target audience yet they use the same roads. The RACV has roughly 1.3 million members, all who drive and as an organisation, seems very safety focused. Wouldn't some kind of information exchange benefit both us and them? Helping to remove the "us and them" perception would be a start in itself.

    It would have to presented fairly, rationally and above all in a way that lets car drives relate. I think the general perception of bikes is they're dangerous, and the people who ride them are risk takers. This doesn't improve our chances of being accepted on the roads or of being included in any more than a token way in the issue of safety. Riding needs to be presented as a considered, enjoyable, and above all legitimate method of transport. We need empathy from the motoring bodies.

    The TAC doesn't seem to actually put anything into practice when it comes to the issue of motorcyclist safety; the MRA seems to be more focused on raising its profile than making things betters for all Victorian riders. Frankly, I don't think things will change unless we take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I think the idea has merit Fixed . How many of those 1.3 million members ride as well as drive . Putting a proposal together and presenting it properly might get ur foot in the door at least .
  3. Bloody good idea Fixed. Keep in mind that RACV do bike insurance these days and at one stage were really pushing it from a sales point of view. Maybe they may CARE afterall.

  4. NRMA Openroad Magazine

    The latest Open road has a good article on Motor bikes and the increased popularity of them in Sydney -not a bad read. Also explans how to get your licence -my 16yo duaghter keeps asking me how to get her licence -now I'll be able to tell ther to read the magazine. (rather tahn telling her too check the RTA website.)
  5. Two of the previous issues of Royal Auto had letters in it about bikes (July & August).... Mainly car drivers complaining about bikes doing this and that (lanesplitting seems to be something they don't understand, and in turn, don't like)... I can't find the issues to check!
    There was also a driver in there complaining about his CAR!! Apparently he has a new (Nissan Patrol?) and the large lights on the side that LOOK like blinkers, aren't wired in (something to do with Aus ADR standards or something), and the bike that was behind him didn't realise he was turning (because he didn't see the blinkers in the bumper - he was looking at the large lights that look like blinkers).
    There is a reply letter in this months Royal Auto about it (talking about a Mitsubishi Pajero).

    It would be a great idea to be able to explain some of the "riding habits" to the car drivers - but because "they can't do it" they probably won't want to hear about it. :?
  6. I'm insured with them on the bike & car. They were the only ones who didn't insist on me having my learners to get insurance or for the project bike to be registered to insure it! Like everyone else I think it's a bloody good idea Fixed!
  7. Give it a burl and see how you go 8)

  8. I'm not really the person to approach the RACV about this, having no authority to speak for any group or even the contacts to know where to start. That's why I thought maybe a representative of the VMU or Netrider might want to take the helm on this?
  9. Royalauto sporadically contains articles about motorbikes/motorbike riders. In fact, I believe Damien Codognotto (ex-president of the MRAA) writes for them (or at least, he used to).

    I can see the merit of having an article written from the car driver's point of view, but I'm not convinced we need regular contributions from bike riders. I mean, do we have articles about cars in our bike mags? The RACV is, after all, a car club.

  10. A great idea Fixed! Polite education and explaination for the car driving masses will help to raise the level of awareness for riders, and can only make both road users more agreeable to each other.

    You don't need to be a representative of any club/org to make a submission to the Royal Auto magazine, and you'll find submission address details within the magazine.

    The VMU is on a number of committee's, of which the RACV is also a member, including the Road Users Collaborative. I'm sure if you wanted to write something up and send it along to the VMU, I would think they would be happy to discuss it, with a view to submission in the Royal Auto, with the RACV using their ongoing relationship.

    If you prefer to submit it to RACV as a represnetative of Netrider, we're more than happy for you to write your article and send it to us for review.

    A really fantastic idea and I hope you're able to follow through. Personally, if you'd like some collaborative assistance email me directly and I'd be happy to help you out.

    For all riders, I'd love to see more idea's liek this! :)
  11. Pressure is on now Fixed, get to it!! :LOL: :LOL: