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Sharing Maintenance Experience

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by karl, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. OK so I am new, please dont hurt mee...
    So I have my shiny black 05 ZZR250 (8000k's) in the garage next to my white car. Even though I have reciepts for 6000k service I think that I will take the two rear farings off to look at the brake fluid and coolant resevior. More of an experience thing than any real concern.
    So I have the bike on the centre stand... Solid as a rock right... I have the LH rear faring mostly off and the screw underneath the tail light is stuck. My screwdriver is chewwing it up and its hard to push upwards and twist. I remember thinking I wonder if I could lift the rear wheel off the ground doing this. Na, I think, I am not that strong. You know wots coming...
    The bike rocks forward and twang.. Its not on the centre stand any more and rocking in the breeze.. Surely I am not going to drop it already!.. Remember I am at the back of the bike on my knees pushing upwards and twisting like hell. I jump up and grab it as it passes 80 degrees incline heading for my car. I managed to stop it at about 60 degrees with a slight plack paint mark from the mirror on the front side panel of my car... Saved. It is amazing what goes through your mind in that split second, like.. I wonder which of my insurance companies will sue me for the damages.
    Not a spectacular ending I am afraid, but at least no damage reported and some may find the warning/tip useful.

    :) Have a great day all... Its my birthday and work chrissy party all in one. It was nice of them to put it on for me.
  2. Karl mine was even worse than yours. On the second night i had my zzr i rocked it off the centre (didn't know about staddling the bike while doing it) it skewed on the shiny concrete in my garage and toppled on to a chair. Only damage was a tiny dent in the tank. Unfortunately there will still be more joys like this in the future. Good Luck and stay safe.
  3. Karl man where exactly are you at? I'm in narrabeen and trying to find someone around here with a zzr so we can fiddle with our bikes together.
  4. You did say bikes, right?

    Oh, good. Just checking. :p

    Oh, and Karl, you might want to smash the side mirror off on that car. Just to teach him not you get in your way again. :wink:
  5. North Ryde, but my folks live in Newport so I am up that way all the time. Got do do my L's first. Less than 2 weeks now.