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Sharing First Day Bike Shopping- Long

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by karl, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Hi to all,
    I had such a big day yesterday, I thought I would share my experiences with you all, and maybe cop a bit of flame/advice along the way.

    Firstly, its Saturday AM early in Sydney, ZZR-250 is two weeks gone now and I am getting very toey. License is unrestricted, been riding for 5 months. I am 34, male obviously, 95kg and 6 foot 3. My riding style is fun/conservative, but wanting to have more excitement as experience increases. Want to ride for a whole day without feeling like I had been raped by hard arse supersport. My bike likes are; fully/semi faired, 600 to 1000cc, sport touring but my mind is open. Budget is $10K plus minus $2K for new or near new bike and will stretch if I fall in love (I have $ in bank after divorce/selling house). Flail me if you like but my gear is all blue black and I want to find a bike that matches.

    I have a short list to look at, starting with buy new possibilities; ER6F (because I liked my old quakka), SV650S, FZ6s and used/near new possibilities; CBR600F4i, VTR1000F, VFR800. My main aim today is to whittle that list of 6 down to 1 or 2 probable’s to look at next weekend in depth and keep an eye on in the classifieds.

    Day started badly, drizzle bordering on rain, it soon became apparent no one would allow test rides.. Bugger, at least I can try to whittle my list down a bit. First Stop Team Moto Kawasaki in Parramatta,… Sorry no ER6F to see… WTF, I sat on ER6N and felt OK, very upright which is good..Right? but uninspired… Oh looky looky! last 2 blue ZX-6R 636 2006 on runout $11.99K. Wow, that could be a good deal if I get $ off onroads, but I did not want supersport!. No harm to sit on it, my god, it felt goooood!!!! Service was great at team moto but time to move on if I cant test ride.

    Next stop BikeBiz Parramatta. A couple of used VFR800s, I liked a lot, felt good to sit on if a little bigger than I am used to, but $11.5K for 5 years old and in red!, I can do better than that. Quick look at hyousungs and Trumpies but no inspiration there. Used VTR1000f, yeah they are OK but no wow factor and I don’t want to fill up every 2 hours. Then I looked at new FZ6s Fazer, OK, $600 off new price, maybe felt better than ER6n, but still not inspired. Service OK, my guy had to go to do a delivery and he organized a replacement which was OK. ‘No we don’t discount used bikes more than a couple la hundred’.. Yeah yeah,.. time to move on without test ride again.

    Quick side trip to Action Paramatta, No service whatsoever.. Will only go back there now if desperate. No good used VFR’s or CBR600F4i. Still want to see ER6F so head south, firstly to Better Bikes in Belmore, who Hornet600 raved about. They had another Red VFR800 with Honda top box, looked in excellent nick, but at $12.5K I still don’t want a red one. Service not tested there as the 2 guys were busy with people and I was not hanging around to bother them about a bike I was luke warm on. Next stop Scotts at Koggerah (sp), wonderful VFR800 2005 with 5000k’s, but $14k and red again! Yes we have CBR600f4i. I got to say I felt great on this bike, the most like ZZR in feel of any bikes so far, but it was scratched in places and was silver red again. Could be a little highly strung for my touring style. Service was great, the guy was really up on his products.

    Ok next door to Syd City to finally see ER6F, not bad but absolutely no wow factor for me, If I am going to buy new I want to be very happy. Good VFR800 again in YELLOW… Arggh. Not so good VFR800 in red with well over 100K kms.. No thanks. Oh look ZX-6R.. That reminds me of the blue 636 on sale at team moto and the heart racing returns. What about CBR1100xx used..mm. Na to big lookin. Service ordinary, I had a guy for 2 minutes and he had to go claiming he would return, I left about 15 minutes later not seeing him again.

    Heading home to Syd City at Lane Cove for more honda’s and found out black VFR800 new is $15.5K ride away, black VTR100F is $13.5K ride away and they have a demo VTR1000F in black for $12.5K. Nothing used there that took my fancy, no CBR600f4i, pretty rare they said?.. Service was disinterested..

    I saw so many bikes yesterday, including my list and Euro’s, GSXR, YZF etc. Time to call it a day and go home to ruminate on my experience. I called a mate that bought 2005 VFR800 new last year for $14k ride away..wow that was some haggle.. I put great store in inspiration, gut feel and here is my revised list in preference order: (I accept that I will have to go back and ride em)

    1. 2006 VFR800 new for $14K if I can get it (Head and Heart choice) or near new used but they seem to hold value very well.
    2. CBR600f4i used for $7-9k (Heart Choice)
    3. 2006 ZX6R 636 new for $12K + (Heart Choice) (insurance- ouch)

    Why did I eliminate ER6F, SV650S, FZ6s?... No inspiration, If I am going to spend big $$, I want to feel it in my chest every time I go to the garage and they just did not do it for me.

    K will tell all how it goes next week.
  2. I bought a CBR600F4i recently, excellent bike.
  3. Hey if u love your kwakas thers a few 2002 zx9rs around for about the 7-8 grand mark with 20-30,000 gotta luv the 9 :grin:
  4. Hi guys,
    Anyone know the difference between CBR600F and F4i, is it just the year? Or injected? Cause I saw a 2005 F, it definitely had 600F written on it rather than F4i like a 2003 I saw.
  5. The i means injection, but I thought they stopped the F in 01/02... Or they may have waited until the RR came out - not 100% sure.
  6. This might help?

    Did the bike look like this 2006 model?
  7. Nice write up Karl, Got to go with the gut instinct for any choice :wink:
    Its suprising how comfy some of the supersports bikes are getting, position wise and seat padding.....
    Let us know how you go

    :worthlesspics: (when its appropriate :grin: )
  8. I cant explain why some say 600F and some say F4i, even in very late model ones. Maybe imports? Maybe just different badging. Someone should know. My head says get the 800 though for more cruisy power but did feel big compared to 600F. As it would when coming from ZZR250. It think it may come down to a decision on how much to invest in this.

    8K for used CBR600F4
    11-12K for used VFR800
    15K for new VFR800

    I know I would be better off in the long run on VFR but I dont feel it would be almost 2x price better off.
  9. Top write up, I enjoy bike shopping, but go during the week so, generally, get the attention of the sales staff.

    The postiives of getting the bike colour you want, full warranty and not knowing if the bike has been thrashed, dropped and serviced properly is a couple fo grand well spent IMHO.