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QLD Sharing a parking space

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by s21n08, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Ive done it a few times, but wanted to know how others felt about it.

    Sharing a parking space with another bike, it seems to make good sense & I'm always cautious to ensure the other rider has room to maneuver their bike out. Would you feel a bit miffed if some other bike filled the other half of your space?


  2. As long as the other bike isn't in my way I don't care.
  3. It's technically illegal to share. Just so you are aware. Never been done for it though

    I share and don't care if others do the same.
  4. Shopping centres really don't like when bikes take a whole park to themselves.
  5. I generally park near the middle when I'm by myself unless I'm planning on staying half a day.. might consider making room then just in case.

    I have in the past parked next to other bikes when I can't find an empty space and usually isnt an issue since I always leave plenty of room.
    There is however, an R1 who parks at the shopping centre just down the street from me. I believe the owner of one of the japanese restaurants rides it.
    Anyway I've parked next to him 3 times so far, and in the 10 mins it took to go to woolworths and stock up on food the bike has moved 5 spots down where its alone again.
    Every time :p

    I don't think he likes anyone invading his bike's personal space bubble 8-[
  6. Oh man, I would so be moving my bike the 5 spots to put it next to his again.
  7. OP name the state you are posting from, some parking laws differ from state to state regarding bikes.
  8. He's right.

    In Victoria, its the "Regulation of the Feelings of People Who Share Parking Spaces Act 1854".

    S 35(a) Offending the owner of a Japanese Restaurant" 5 penalty units.
  9. =D>

  10. Gold as usual chairman.
  11. If only a real bike would come and share a spot with my scooter:nopity:
  12. Next time I'm in Sydney I'll make to come around and keep your bike company
  13. Awwww, you're the best :biker::moped:
  14. I was in mater mothers hospital carpark the other day, and one of those compact cars was parked across 2 signed motorcycle parks. So I say **** it, I pay rego and I am going to take up a full car park if I can get one. Otherwise I am going to park on the footpath right near the door!

    As for 2 bikes in one car spot, well I always park a little off to one side so a second bike can get in if needed.
  15. I'm in Queensland, but I hadn't even thought of it being illegal to share. I wouldn't have a problem sharing but I don't think Id do it beside a big shinny Harley either thou :)
  16. Here in Townsville a few months ago a motorcyclist was fined for sharing a paid parking spot with another bike. Sheer bloody mindedness I reckon.
  17. generally i park in the middle, but i've found many times i've parked in the middle some assclown cager has swung right up close to my bike to park (most of the time i'm standing there watching yelling obscenities at teh driver too)
    having said that i have no problem sharing with another bike, i just don't do it
  18. I get that too, if there is a park free next to mine (and I am in a car spot) invariably you will come back to it with some idiot in a car parked over the lines by quite a bit. I don't get it. When I move no other car can park in my spot as he is now taking up two spots effectively.
  19. Unless there was video footage or it was a pay and display spot and the other bike was complying with that (yeah yeah I know, no where do you display the receipt on the bike etc answers required) then it would be easy to defend at court. "Your Honour when I parked there, there was no other bike. The spot was empty." Can it be proved beyond reasonable doubt that this wasn't the case? I would assume that the other bike also copped a fine and if the other rider also said the same thing well case dismissed.