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Shared workshop space?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by somerider159, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Just wondering if anything along the lines of a shared workshop exists in Sydney? Just think it would be fun to share a space with some like minded people, help each other out, that sort of thing. I've got a Z50 project on the go but would like to build a full size custom once I've upped the confidence levels a bit.

    Maker spaces are gaining popularity but they are expensive and suited to entrepreneurs developing prototypes rather than motorcycle maintenance. I was looking at the mens sheds as well but most are geared towards retirees who open them up on Monday mornings. That kind of concept though.

    Someone had a crack at a similar thread a while back but didn't get much of a response...

    Anyone heard of anything like this?
  2. I'm a photographer who has had my own studio in the past, and I was looking to share a space with 1-2 others to offset the costs for everyone.
    Like bike riders, most people wouldn't use a space like that everyday and therefore they don't want to outlay a sum of cash every month to have it.
    Nobody wants to commit to pay, and in reality a suitable space isn't cheap, not unless you go to woopie parts of Sydney. I'm in the East, and finding space anywhere near here is costly.
  3. Yeah thought as much. Was just thinking someone may have some sort of community space that is partially funded by sponsors. Or someone with a lot of garage space. I don't even have a garage. I'm working in a car space so I can barely even store my tools conveniently.

    Check out the solidifier maker space and other shared "work spaces". I'm told some of them are set out with creatives in mind.
  4. Yes, saw a news feature on a group of biking enthusiasts called Kustom Kommune here in Melbourne doing exactly that! Workspace for anyone, pretty cool! I think the feature mentioned similar in Sydney so may be worth googling that name a little or giving them a call.
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  5. By the way they run classes etc as well. Looks pretty awesome if you live down in Melbourne.
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  6. Looks like another unprotected WordPress site, quite common ..
  7. I guess one of the few advantages of living in the 'burbs is I've got a double garage to work out of (& sometimes that's still not enough space!)

    I've heard of Rising Sun Workshop in Sydney, but they're closed at the moment looking for a new location
    I'm definitely popping down for a visit when they re-open
  8. Maybe give them a call, see if they have connections in Sydney. Can't hurt to do so....
  9. What I can offer is this.

    I will be moving out of the workshop space I currently rent in High St. Preston (Vic) at the end of February. The space is a shared large workshop at the rear of a RWC place (handy). I have sole use of a 12m2 lockable store room with shelves as well as an open 50m2 garage space to work on bikes.

    The workshop has compressed air on tap, power, lights, easy access, toilets, etc. It costs me $100 a week to rent which is very cheap. By comparison - $100 you would get 5 hours workshop time at Kustom Kommune (which is a great place and I am a member of KK).

    It is a great space and the guy I rent off is a great guy too. I just need to consolidate my various work and living spaces in to one space this year. If anyone here is interested, I could leave workbenches behind when I move.

    You can message me on the forum if interested.
  10. Rising sun sounds great. Shame it's not open. All the fun still in Melbourne for now!
    Would love a double garage. I'm working out of an undercover car space. Nosy neighbours and lots of chain so no one runs off with my stuff.
  11. I've been trying to find something like this in Singapore. Not many people have garage space here, so we end up doing maintenance in the carpark.
    The problem here is that not many people seem to work on their own bikes.
  12. I had these thoughts about 15 years ago when I was doing alot of work on cars living inner city in a unit and wanting to do mechanical work don't go hand in hand to well.
    <ay have to check out kustom kommune
  13. Our poor website got hacked to death... 3 times over (actually!). The new sites up now; kustomkommune.com.au.
    Rising Sun workshop will be open soon, they had a pop up for a while but now have a pretty rad space by the looks of things!
  14. Bugger. I'm not across this, but why can't they move to another premises?
  15. how can the owner lease it out from under them to another business?
    seems weird..

    looks like everyone is still positive.. hopefully they can find somewhere else, open the bar/food bit first to get cashflow, and reopen the garage bit

  16. Popped in for a drink & snack late July, up and running!

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  17. There were a couple that had a crack at crowd funding to launch it , but i think they were only open for a short time ( cant remember their name)
    the only one i know that are going well is the "KUSTOM KOMUNE " in Melbourne
  18. which is closed.. HOME

    RSW is running(?) with memberships from $150-400 + $15 an hour workshop time