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Share your surreal ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by timrt1200, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. So....share your "strange" rides here......A few years ago, I was visiting the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, while we were there the weather started rapidly changing.., lot of clouds started forming, they looked pale green, the underneath of them looked like a bunch of grapes, the wind started picking up, ....time to get outta there, we had roughly 100kms to get to Rapid City....the wind got so strong...we were riding at a 45 degree lean while going in a straight line....I was on my R1200c and my mate on his kwaka 750 ninja......he was being blown all over the road...my extra weight (referring to bike).....helped keep me relatively stable....what we were doing was outrunning tornadoes.....watching the news that night....several had touched down Rapid City that afternoon.....

  2. I borrowed a mate's Ducati once & it didn't break down.... Surreal.
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  3. Rode through the airport tunnel at 100 mph (it was 1969) .Had my eyes closed.A real buzz!
  4. This One :)

  5. Getting vertigo while coming aroung the tight downhill banked left hander as you just come into the bottom of Stanwell Park.
  6. i once went on a netrider ride where nobody crashed, got lost, or broke down...
    surreal as fcuk.
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  7. Riding along above the clouds between Miena and Poatina in Tasmania's Central Highlands was pretty funky.
  8. The strange beautiful sealed section on the Warburton Woods Point road, Dirt either side and a Alpine meadows sweeper set that is lovely. The run along there on a summers day with the Alpine flowers all out and no one within miles. A slice of heaven..
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  9. Not far from @jmc 's patina ride... I'd only been riding a few weeks and was riding across tassie from queenstown to Hobart, I met The xbhp boys on their aus rode trip, and while tryin to keep up we ran into a flock of sheep..... It's a great ride and the landscape changes so much, it's pretty surreal.
  10. Could be the time I was really late for a ferry and had to combine riding a motorcycle at 170km/h and urinating at the same time
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