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Share your MotoVlogs!

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Seksei, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Hello, well, im interest in MotoVloging, I only started yesterday, anyone have any pointers and video i could watch?

    I've only made a couple videos at the moment

    As a "viewer" what is your feedback, what would you like to see more or less off?

  2. Is your voice sped up on purpose or is that a technical issue?
  3. Yea, I sped it up, initially I just did like hearing the sound of my recorded voice, and i speed a section up and personally thought it was funny to i thought i might stick with it
  4. and i Just realised that my audio of my mic is only picking up one side heaps
  5. Very Walterific of you with the troll faces, same position and everything.
    Voice gets too annoying I'd change that back to just normal.
  6. I'm not having a go at you, but I couldn't watch the whole video because of that. Others may like it.

    Anyway videos that I watch religiously are Baronvongrumble & RJ... More recently Walterrific & Hunter Honda. IMO I think the more successful channels are less about the ride and more about the environment, stories, reactions, etc.

    Cool bike BTW
  7. Riding with Tom (Australian)
    Chase on two wheels
    Jake the Garden Snake
    Leadpin (Australian)
    I watch all these guys and they're incredible and all so different in what they do
  8. not another Flogger
  9. Riding with Tom was hilarious the other month, ordering a happy meal on his BMW THRU THE DRIVE THRU!
  10. hahaha yes that video was hilarious, loved it, have you seen him cross the Simpson desert? videos are a little lengthy but a good watch if you enjoy him
  11. I thought it was pretty good apart from the voice.
  12. The sped up voice annoyed me too much to finish watching. But I might just be turning into an old grumpy man.
    I like: BaronVonGrumble, Tank Spooners, YourPalsChrisandAl, c90adventures and WALTERRIFIC.
    I also subscribe to (and watch if I'm really bored): RoyalJordanian, RidingWithTom, AspieThinker and a few others

    I like Baron's rants. It's probably more about the person than the bike.
    Tank Spooner's just seem to have so much fun, riding around the same shoddy wet english(?) roads
    ChrisAndAl are just funny bastards on super motos exploring
    c90adventures makes me want to buy a postie bike and ride ridiculous roads (although my mechanic skills are below 0, so I'd probably die of exposure a day or two in)
    Your video (the bit I watched) reminded me of WALTERRIFIC with the faces and what not. I like walter, it's like he lives in a different world where everyone is friendly and likes seeing him on his bike. The faces I could do without, but I guess adds some kind of personality to what he's saying.

    RJ I like his observations, but not a huge fan of hearing him talk.
    RidingWithTom has some funny stuff, but has been annoying me recentely. "HI GENTS! IM RIDING THE SIMPSON DESERT! THERES SAND! WATCH ME WHEELIE FOR HALF THE VIDEO ON SAND! BYE GENTS. OH BY THE WAY MY BIKES HAVE BEEN STOLEN FOR THE 50TH TIME HERES MY NEW ONE!" (did I say I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man?)

    I'd say you're going WALTERRIFIC style, which is cool. He's popular, and even the boring videos are made fun by his silliness. But you should do away with the sped up voice, everyone hates what they sound like on recordings, just try not to think about it.