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Share your mini rages

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by PhilC, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Not for the big things, just the things we see every day....

    A short ride to Pie in the Sky for lunch...

    30 seconds out of my driveway, round the corner to find a ute driving towards me on my side of the road, driver’s head down, txt’ing away.

    Yanko road, car starts indicating then slowing down (good). Car is indicating right and pulling onto the centreline (ok). Car turns sharp left (of course).

    Turn left at a round-a-bout, the preceding car has stopped completely in the middle of the road not 2 car lengths out to send a txt message. Honk. Driver turns wheel, pulls forward and in about 8inches and keeps txt’ing.

    2 minutes later, following a little black Suzuki Swift. Car slows down to about 30 for about 500 metres prior to a school zone. 4wd behind me is getting very close. Enter school zone, Swift speeds up to 60. Catch up with them as we approach an intersection, driver sending a txt message.
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  2. People texting while driving!!! Even when I was just in a car and not on a bike this still annoyed me an awful lot...
  3. People doing their hair, eating breakfast, doing their makeup or searching for something under the passenger seat while driving.
  4. Central ave altona meadows heading back to uni from lunch today. 2 lane roundabout. two cars go in car in left straightlines it forcing car in front of me onto the breaks and the inside gutter of the roundabout causing me to lock up. car in front of me beeps and gets the bird. i ride up next to her visor up yelling use one lane ******** i then cop the finger AND a swerve to try and intimidate me. must be monday or something.
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  5. Annoying little shits during school holidays pushing the pedestrian crossing (not at the traffic lights, the ones near schools/shops) when traffic is dead and not cross the roads. Wankers, the lot of them.
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  6. To the red ducati monster rider on the old northern, it took me a half a second to realise why when I gave you the nod you were shaking you're head in disgust. It cant have been easy to enjoy you're sunday ride having a cage stuffed so squarly up your back side at 80kph. Dude was seriously like 1m behind the poor bastard
  7. Wide berth around a Mitsubishi ute today, having trouble staying in his lane on Ballarat Rd (they're so narrow). Get along side him; reading the fricken newspaper.
  8. A man going about 40 in a 50 zone, go past and both his hands are on a (wait for it) Sandwich!
  9. Old, I know, but back in the early noughties my work associates and myself used to cross the famous Five-Ways in Rockdale as we walked to our favourite lunch spot. After a while we gave up counting the number of cars we saw, in all directions, with the driver not wearing a seat-belt....

    and not old bangers, either, Mercs and BMWs and stuff

  10. The little one you see everywhere during certain conditions:

    Turn your frigging headlights on when it's raining, people!
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  11. To the merc in the harbour tunnel who straddled the line taking up two lanes because your precious and expensive car is too good to be riding close to the tunnel walls.

    It was great to split past you!
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  12. Tailgaters get me fuming especially in 40k zones and on freeways. If these idiots want to break the law (no matter how stupid it is) they can go around me not endanger my life by tailgating dangerously close to me.
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  13. I just ****ing hate everyone so much.

    Rant out.
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  14. i wear my gopro on my helmet(look like an idiot) most rides now. strange how not much stupid shit happens while it's visible...
  15. P platers texting.
  16. well i'm on the road all day for work, so i see stupid shit non-stop. texters weaving, food/drink/makeup blah blah
    but the worst i've seen to date happened while i was out for a joyride (taking the long way home)
    sitting at traffic lights, a car turned into the road i was waiting to turn out from, watching the road through the screen of a video camera. not this pocket cam bullshit, a regular sized handycam! was an older guy too, easily 50+
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  17. My boss driving everywhere like its the the v8s, and being one of the most terrifyingly bad drivers on the road. A motorcyclist himself, he can make a bike dance, however in a car in an average week he will smidsy a dozen bikes and cars and trucks completely obliviously.
  18. I'm going to start testing that theory now too. If it works as well as it did for you, then we may have a good solution to our SMIDSY worries. Then all we need to do is convince TAC et al to buy every rider a GoPro ;-)
  19. Those dick head L plate car drivers who use the Old road as a place to learn how to drive on a sunday.

    I mean come on at least do 60, not 35.
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  20. I see them as something to overtake and harass! good times!

    I play a game, i try and time redlining my bike with the split second i am parallel with their window, just to scare the **** out of them.
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