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Share your good cop and bad cop experiences!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by m505, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Just interested to see how nice cops have generally been to everyone?

    If you've had a good cop experience - as in he's pulled you over and let you go.....or written down the fine.....share your story!

    Similarly, if a cop has been a prick for pulling you over and being an ass about it.......tell us all!

  2. Hmmmm why the question? Do you pull on the blue every morning?
    Or do you have a story you're itching to get out?

    I know cops regulary spy the forums, so ....... I like cops ....... besides they come fully equipped :LOL:
  3. Only had bad cops pull me over - although one was at least polite.

    Never had a nice cop - although I was ignored yesterday when I filtered through to the lights the other day to find a cop at the front of the queue with me. He seemed more intent on speeding past me after I took off than actually booking me.
  4. i only have bad cop stories.

    my license record so far:
    *70 in a 50 zone (the week) they changed from 60 to 50
    *90 in a 60 zone (30 metres before it turns into a 80 zone)
    *crossing double lines (meh i did it)
    * "random" license check/ breath test.
    *waiting to see if i got done for passing a fixed camera on the freeway doing 115.

    currently on the 1 point scheme (pepsi challenge)

    my first speeding fine was from a roadside speed camera, hey i cant be pissed, it doesant discriminate.

    my second was 6months later, late for work interview (just after healing up from a MCA) i was travveling at approx 90 just before the raod i was on turned to 80K's, so IMO i was only 10kays over, not 30. get pulled over by a cop, get abused for being a hoon yadda yadda yadda 3 points and a 1 month suspension and some random fine.

    TWO weeks later the same cop pulls me over for crossing double lines. i over took a truck doing roughly 35 in a 80 zone and for a split second (like 2-3metres) i was on the wrong side of double lines. next thing i know thre is a cop on my ass with his lights going crazy and smoke coming off his wheels from slamming on the brakes.
    i pull over, intrigued as to why i have been flashed, the officere gingerly gets out of his car, adjusts his belt, puts on his hat, and its then i think to myself...hey! i recognise that jack! it was the same dude who pulled me over 2 weeks ago.

    i thought SHITE! this guy has it in for me (and he does!). first thing he says was "do you know how fast you were going?" i replied "yes sir i do." he then asked how fast i thought i was going, i said " i was going 35km/h, then i was going 75km/h. he scoffed and then told me i was doing at least 150km/h as he had to do 180 to catch up to me (hence the locking on of the brakes) i then offered him my keys and helmet and told him i wopuld give him the bike (virago) if he could get it to 150. let alone 100 in the short distance i had travelled before being pulled over. needless to say he refused. then he informed me that i had crossed double lines and was lucky he wasnt going to do me for speeding. me being the inelligent person that i am informed him that if i was doing 80, and he was doing 80, he would never catch up to me if he was behind me, that in order to catch up to me he would have to speed. he didnt like it one bit.

    on inspection of my license he realised he had booked me 2 weeks before, and asked why i was still on the road if my license was suspended. i replied "you of all people should know officer it takes 1 month from the issue of the ticket to when the license is revoked" again, not too pleased. he continued to give me a lecture about how im going to die and hit a tree or something like that and the roads would be safer without me, then wrote me ticket fro crossing double lines, 3 points and another fine of some amount. Pffft. i should have wrote him a fine for doing 180 in a 80 zone and overtaking on double lines and being an asshat.

    and then the week i got my R6, i was on my way to meet some of the NR guys for the first shiftworkers ride and a police officer 'randomly' flagged me in for a license check and breathe test. didnt bother to flag in any of the speeding vans weaving in and out traffic, or the skyline that kept making his turbo go off next to me to try and make me drag him, no he pulled me over. he was nice but. liked the bike :LOL: just annoyed he chose me when right inffront of him there was wreckless driving.
  5. I was going to the expo was going threw the flinders st spencer street bridge thought yeah ill wind it out make some noise. Then i seen the cop car. !#$% passed him he waved me down basically a slow down wave and as i passed him he laughted, When i pulled up and he pulled up beside me he laughted and asked why i accelerated threw the tunnel so fast. Said i didnt know why i did it. He said slow down then asked me what was going on at the expo. ( like he didnt know) told him and he said ok ill wait round the corner and catch u next time. hehehe I was wraped and went to the expo. hehe Thats my story. :eek:) :LOL:
  6. I raced home from Muswellbrook to Denman (24kms) one night after work at about 1:30am, on my Yamaha XS-650. I knew the road like the back of my hand, so I was riding at about 160kmh for the whole trip. There was a set of lights behind me, but I thought it was one on my friends in his car.

    When I got to Denman and slowed down enough to allow the mirrors to stop vibrating, I found it wassn't my friend, but a friendly policeman from Muswellbrook in his brand new Ford Falcon!

    BUT.... He'd just moved up the valley, the car was new, and he wanted a chance for a quick fang in it, so he didn't book me, just told me not to do it again.

    (Of course that 1979; I doubt I'd get the same response today!!!)
  7. RIP to the only good ones!
  8. haha motormouse.....i promise im not a cop! okay?...i didnt know coppers read the sites....but i'll bear that in mind!

    nah, no real itching stories.....but its just that i noticed that cops in the victorian jurisdiction seem so much more strict.....my relo's live in melbourne.......and they get done for ridiculous things like 3km over the limit........

    so i was interested to see how lenient/non-lenient they were compared to stories ive heard from other states before :)
  9. Sorry to hijack the thread but Paul - have you seen the latest Motorcycle Trader mag? Very nice yellow and white XS1 650 on the cover with a good write up on them inside.
  10. Ah the XS-1. Another Hinged-framed Jap bike :LOL:
    No I haven't seen it, but I'll pick it up and have a read; I had a friend up there who had an XS-1 and he was partly responsible for me buying the 650D model.
    Thanks :grin:
  11. I have a great cop story.

    One time I was heading home. Traffic was pissing me off, so I was splitting really agresively and travelling a little over the speed of light.

    One particular driver slowed down to "block" me in, and just as the road dipped and went in to a sweeping left, leaving just enough room to get around him, I saw what I first thought was road works up ahead, then realised that it was a booze bus.

    My first thought was to slow down, but I then figured that would just give them a chance at reading my plate or catching me.

    Anyway the bus was all set up with cones and lights and pursuit car. Just no cops. None. Not a single one.

    So I continued to ride in the fashion that was and made it home with a big grin on my face and no marks on my driving record. :grin:

    As I said, what a wonderful cop story. I couldn't think of a nicer thing that any cop has ever done for me. :grin: :grin:

    Of course I just made this story up !!! :-w :-w :-w :-w :wink: :wink:
  12. got booked once for turning left in a no left turn street.
    there was a sign that said no left turn from 9-5 or something.
    got done for that and while he was writing a ticket there was a constant stream of cars turning left onto that street.
    i think that was really crap.

    there was once where I was apparently doing 92km/h in a 60zone and got pulled over
    asked if I knew how fast I was going said not really sure but was should be around 60 he told me 92 and i said SH!T and I looked really shocked
    told him I didnt realise I was going that fast that I was trying to keep an eye on the road (was on Learners) and didn't notice.

    Told me to be careful, gave me a breath test and was on his way
    I think I would've lost the licence if he decided to book me.
    I think its just 3pts on learners
    When I had my bingle, there I was dazed and confused, crying from shock and hopping coz my foot hurt... the 1st cop asked if I was ok and said he used to ride trail bikes, then got my details. Then I had to go and see the other cop who launched straight into
    "It was your fault. You were in the wrong"
    He then continued on to quote the law that turned out to be completely wrong. Even if I'd done something rediculously stupid, he could have been a little gentler with telling me such news when I was so obviously messed up.

    My friend and I were out riding one night. She was having troubles with her bike. Finally it conked out again. She stopped in an impressive display of lights out and whipping tail... as she was in the dark with no lights wearing a dark suit, I pulled up beside her while she figured out how to get her bike to a safer spot. I kept an eye on vehicles coming up our lane. One changed lanes, then a bike was coming... turned out to be a cop at the end of his shift going an extra 20m past his driveway to see what was up. He ended up letting my friend store her bike in his shed behind his police bike until she could get it towed. So we went back to his place, then him and his wife took my friend home - 10-15min drive each way! We've become friends now and he's even helping us newbies out with our skills. Wow!
  14. [Ack - doubled up with no delete option this time.]
  15. ive got a few cop stories but the most recent one was when i got pulled over for doing 115 in an 80 zone. A pursuit car came hammering up behind me and pulled me over. The chick cop gave me whole speech about how we were being video and audio recorded as if to say -'im expecting you to be aggresive so if you decide to do anything we'll have evidence'. She came accross initially as being really aggresive but in a defensive fashion, kinda weird, and the other cop who was this little short dude just stood at the car.

    She did the whole - do you know what we pulled you over for? yes officer - im guessing speeding? with a smile on my face... not a smirk..just a smile. She asked me why etc etc... After i had informed her that I was actually running late for work - not just a lie..she started playing with her ticket machine and went silent. So i said to her in a really friendly way - 'so youve asked me all these questions - hows your day going? :grin: Not flirting AT ALL!!! To which she responded "busy"... and i replied with - yeah, cause of dic%$eads like me?!!!" Point being - stuck up a convo with her - she relaxed and had a laugh.

    Then she realised that the rego sticker on the bike had expired - but before she could say anything I pulled the sticker out of my jacket pocket - I had literally renewed it about 5 mins prior..and she told me I should put it on asap.

    Anyways , end result - didnt do me for >30kms or the lack of rego sticker being displayed. Got a <30 fine and that was it. I was happy... well not as happy if I hadnt been pulled over in the first place but anyhoo....
  16. Good cop story:

    Just last week, entered the freeway in spirited fashon (130k's), ease back to 120 and see a plain label Commodore behind me flash his headlights. I slowed to 100, and sure enough an unmarked cop car cruises past and continues on his way. Wasn't just me either, a car was about to overtake him a short while later, he flashed the blue and reds briefly, the other car slowed and Mr Good Cop cruised away.
  17. Good cop story:

    I had a stack [collided with Fluffy Donkey's bike - long story, bummer etc].
    I wake up on the road - my bike's in a bad way. All emergency services attend.

    After fireys get bored and leave, and the ambo's are satisfied I'm not about to keel over, 1 of 3 cops in attendance start asking questions.
    Fluffy Donkey cuts him off mid-sentence, telling him "Oh, we're mates, we'll just sort it out ourselves.".
    Cop instantly just goes, "Oh ok, well can you ride your bike, mate?" to me.

    "Umm, I'm going to go home and get my ute to pick it up, I think." I reply.

    "Yeah no worries, but it's just - if you're bike can't be ridden away from the scene, we have to give you a ticket for neg driving. But if you can even just putt it 50m up the road, we'll leave you guys to it."

    Needless to say, I made that bike start and move and dodged a fine that'd just be adding insult to injury - but was only able to on that cop's advice :)

    I think they were just happy not to have to scrape another dude off the road on a Wednesday night.
  18. Good cop story? - You decide...

    I was crusing with my girl on the back of my old Busa down the Eastern freeway. It was not uncommon on that bike to find yourself cruising at 140kph without knowing it. Well in the shadows under one of the over passes was a bike cop with a Radar gun.

    I turn and said "Did you see the cop?" She said "Yeah but did he get you?" I was about to say no, when I saw blue and red lights in the side mirror just duck out and round a few cars heading straight for us. Got that feelinng in the guts, uno te one....

    Well as he closed within about 20 meters of us, he suddenly peeled away off the road. As I watch him, I observed another bike cop on the side of the road having a fisty fight with another rider (Not happy customer it would appear). He'd decided his co-worker needed help more than I needed a ticket. Noice. :grin:

    Good cop to me, probably threw the book at the other guy. Funny tho... :LOL:
  19. I haven't been pulled over for anything other than a random breath test in over 5 years so can't really recall any good/bad experiences.
    My girlfriend however was pulled over doing 70 in a 60 zone on the way home from work last night. When asked why she was speeding she launched into her whole life story etc.
    The cop, who was a young bloke, obviously thought she was a bit alright coz he let her off with a warning.
    I tell you what the benefits of being a cute chick...
    Everywhere we go she gets given free shit by male retail staff if I'm not around.
  20. Hey, another good cop story:

    I was riding along at around 85 in a 70 zone, wide two lane road, no other traffic. A bike cop on an unmarked BMW shoots past me and waves me down. Does a licence and rego check, says slow down and take it easy, and heads on his way.