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share your cool animal stories

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. animals can do some funny or strange things sometimes. have you had a funny animal experience that doesn't involve a hotel room?

    a friend of mine had a dog that HATED asian people. she was cool with everyone else but when she walked passed any asian she would try to kill them.
    a horse riding buddy had a horse that would pretend to be injured to get out of work. she would sneak down to observe her horse who was fine in the paddock but as soon as the horse saw the car it would start limping.
  2. In the 70's our family dog used to spend her days walking with mothers and their babes in prams down to the shops where she would stand guard (with a paw over the top) whilst the mums did their shopping. Only to walk them back home again then would wait for the next one to go by and do the same. She also would see our kitten walking down the middle of the road and would stand over her walking with her. I'd like to think she was protecting her from traffic. Occassionally she picked her up to get her out of harms way. She loved our rabbit also and cleaned her until she'd be soaking.
  3. was she a whippet?
  4. No, she was a kelpie cross. I forgot to mention another little tale about her. My mum decided to send us away to a camp so she could get her put down - thanks Mum. We didn't get a chance to say goodbye. My sisters and I were screaming hysterically when we found out. I was thirteen - so was our dog (I still miss her). We had no other animals for a while, but we did hear nails walking on the lino in the kitchen sometimes - just like a dog walking. This should have been on the ghost thread.

    My two dogs now are whippies though. They are either flat out or flat out. Most popular at the park.
  5. :rofl: @ doesn't include a motel room!

    I did the Ride to the GP from cranny on saturday, with Tex O'grady and his cattle dog Bundy.
    Bundy rides on the tank of the Busa :cool:

    He stayed the night in a motel in Cranbourne and had to smuggle the dog in :LOL: :wink:
  6. baaaaah
  7. I patted a dingo on frasier island, then it started snarling at me so my dad yelled at it and it ran away :)
    i was probaly 12 or so

    I fed a possum some bread... then it ate the bread and tried to eat my finger as well, made me cry :(

    My pet bird took a sloppy shit in my armpit ( on the skin)

    I saw my cow get shot in the head :(
  8. my family had a bon fire in one of our paddocks near a fence. my dad's boss' wine glass kept emptying itself and as i was sitting next to him i got the blame. it turned out to be my little pony, she drank about half his bottle of wine.
    she also used to knock me off on trees when i was riding her, purposely jump on my feet when i was saddling her, drag me around the paddock when i was leading her.
    she was a great little pony!
  9. Rabbits on fire running out of a bonfire, then 'nice' people decide to put then out of their misery and stomp on their head and chuck them back in the fire :cool:
  10. Rabbits on fire running out of a bonfire, then 'nice' people decide to put then out of their misery and stomp on their head and chuck them back in the fire :cool:
  11. yeeaah, lay off the cruel stuff please.

    i saw a doco about a show jumping horse that refused to jump.

    the owner was frustrated so she throw her hands in the air and asked 'why wont you jump?'

    she was given a clear mental image of a horse jumping over a fence, and when it landed she got horrific pain from her wrist up her forearm.

    there are a few stories claiming horses are telepathic, why dont they do it more often?

    'hey owner, give me a carrot or i will do this to your arsse'
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  13. I knew a guy who had a cat that used to terrorise his neighbours rottweiller by jumping off the fence and landing on the dogs back. He'd stick his claws in and refused to let go. The dog wasn't harmed but may have some emotional issues :?
  14. Haven't got a cool story as such but i do happen to be the proud owner of the largest (and coolest) Shiba Inu in Finland!! :cool:
    He stands head and shoulders above every other Shiba we have seen and is 6cm taller than most males should be (according to the breeder).
    Who knows why he has grown so big, maybe it's just the loving home or the fact that i gave him permission to grow as much as he wanted to when he was still a pup! :LOL:
    Anyway, enough of the yapping, here is a pic. (or three)
    Here he is pruning one of my bonsai trees.
    And one where he is checking out the FZ1N i had last week.
  15. oh thats just adorable! and the dogs not bad either.
  16. I dropped my previous bike, and had to replace the clutch lever, which I did with a non- genuine one. Cheaper, but not as tough. The bike, once fixed, was in the front yard, when i came home. My 2 dogs came rushing out to greet me, and in their enthusiasm, started to tustle with each other. The Jack Russell rushed at my Rottweiler, who jumped over it, at the same time, bumping the clutch lever...which snapped off....AGAIN! For F@*k sake...I just fixed that!
  17. awww excited puppies they love you... I had a boxer once named jess she lived till she was thirteen... she was an unbelievable quiet guardian dog a staring dog if she didnt like you she would stare and stalk slowly then growl... On teh flip side fantastic around kids in packs or single... to the point when my youngest brother was oh 18mths old jess would let him hold her ear while went walking around the yard... when any baby came to the house jess would sit by any unattended crib until the parents came back...

    so when i eventualy get a place i can have dogs i'm getting a five week old boxer pup.
  18. ahhh, another boxer fan. i stop boxers on the street. they're the only breed of dog i grew up with. tis a shame they get cancer so easily. [the sydney ones]
  19. yep... skin polips the vet called them... oh and heart attacks too when they get old... bit like humans.... Boxers are so funny dont you just love that SNEEEZE of approval they give you after they have decided they like you... covered in puppy snot what the fcuk and if you can give them a scratch between the eyes.... they cant scratch between thier eyes...it drives them nuts...

    edit : not even i can post that ... (they cant scratch there and it drives them nuts...)
  20. I worked for a fencing contractor once, and we did an 'enclosed the back yard' fence for an old lady who lived in Oak Flats. She had a German Shepherd. Once the fence was up, the only way into the back yard was through the house, up a flight of outside stairs to the front door. (Yeah, I know, upstairs to get into the house for an old lady, I thought it was a dumb arrangement too....)

    Anyway one night two likely lads forced open the front door and got into the house. The dog stayed quiet until they'd made their entry and shut the door behind them... then......