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Share The Road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sketchie, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of the share the road adverts on TV that bring more attention to the bicycle riders that are more of a minority than motorbike riders? I feel that we are not being thought of enough in this regard?

    How about an ad that says "Share the road, look out for bicycles and motorbikes. They are road users too" or something like that I dunno. It kinda irritates me, anyone else?
  2. I know where you're coming from. Although a good ad, the TAC one with the motorcyclist scanning the road, IMO, to a non-rider, makes riding seem like an experience that is one of constant panic, not one of enjoyment mixed with concentration.

    It does, however, probably bring up a point to cagers, which is that they think about a lot less when driving. The bad thing about technology is that in terms of road-users: it's increased distraction, while decreasing skill levels. (I'm 22 and my first car had drums all round, bench seats, 2 seat belts, no radio and was a non-synchro 1st column shift manual, and I absolutely BLITZED my defensive driving course).

    Awareness is a good thing, but it should also just be harder to get your licence.
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  4. Somehow, I can't see any of this country's state governments or territoriesdoing a TV campaign like the british "how close?" campaign. They seem to be happy doing graphic speed/drink driving ads but having a bike fly into the side of your car becaue you pulled out without looking is just not on.......

    then again..... stats show the majority of bike accidents are single vehicle accidents so shouldn't they really be campaigning for riders to take more care?
  5. I know exactly what you mean sketchie
    every 2nd bus you go past has a "share the road" sign on it...with a bicycle.

    seems push bike riders get positive publicity about how cars always hit them (not the other way round) and they're vulnerable & people should look out for them

    motorcyclists are treated as maniacs who disobey road rules & cause accidents all on their own (esp by the current SA road safety minister)

    there needs to be more motorcycle awareness in SA.
  6. Ah, but you see, the target group is NOT car drivers, the target group is push-bike riders, because they are socially-responsible, non-polluting, enviro-sensitive, AND THEY VOTE for governments that massage their egos and tell them how good they are. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, are loud, fuel-consuming people who don't care about the environment, so goverments don't care about them....
  7. This is the same answer this type of thread always gets. Bicyclists have an awesome lobby group in Bicycle Victoria, loads of members and a real voice when it comes to getting positive things done.

    Motorcyclists on the other hand have the MRAA :(
    A lobby group that most riders themselves either don't know about or don't like! With few members, and a President who doesn't even consider a meeting with the Minister for Transport, an occassion to wear something other than jeans and a T-Shirt! :?

  8. For those outside Victoria, the state-run Traffic Accident Commission funded a TV ad to highlight exactly this issue. It was extensively run over several months, and again around GP time.
    While it probably didn't win any awards, it was quite well done, and addressed the issue thoughtfully. A number of motorcycle advisory bodies, (and, I think, the MRAA) were consulted in its development.
    Perhaps some locals didn't see it?
    Dunno about SA, but in Melbourne the cyclists easily outnumber m'cyclists, and yet I haven't seen any equivalent campaign for their benefit. (There are occasional press adverts popping up, tho').
  9. I'm not sure there's really a lot that can be done for motorcycle awareness. There's so few of us in Australia that basically we don't warrant the time and money on campaigns and advertising. I reckon that's a sad but true fact.

    I mean, just to illustrate that theres something like 150,000 motorcycles in Victoria compared to 2.5million cars.

    I reckon we just have to hope that this excellent past-time and transport method catches on (as scooters seem to be slowly in Melbourne) - that's the only thing that will turn things around. When people think that a 250cc is kewler than a new V8 SS.

    You know, that's not to say that it isn't worth campaigning - and we could really do with a decent loby group but we are a seriously disperate minority group with next to none in terms of political power.
  10. They already have teh content
    There was teh look driver look rider campeign which was prety good, but They don't show any of the content any more.
    There were two recent TAC adds about Motorbike awarness also but once again we don't see much of them.
  11. Thanks edgelett some support... Slowly but surely there are more and more scoot riders in SA, and motorbike riders, I remember hardly ever seeing a bike, but now it is a frequent occurance. The numbers have increase it is a fact. More and more are getting injured, another fact. More advertising to protect m/bike riders or raise awareness, whats that?

    If you have not notcied, bicycle riders are also a minority yet they get million dollar advertising budgets to raise awareness of riders? I think our major political tie that has just been severed is that pollie who was in the Advertiser on her bike that resigned, I forget her name now, but she is gone anyway.

    Are you saying that I do not appreciate the environment? HUH are ya?! :LOL: Bikes give off less pollution that cars, therefore, I am looking after the environment :p
  12. I just got 2008 rego stickers for bike and trailer. The bike one said "Watch out for Motorcyclists" and the Trailer one said "Watch out for Pedestrians" so some thought has gone into that except my bike one should have gone to a car :wink:

    I saw advert an back of a few buses recently about looking out for bikes, and also on overpasses.

    I've always said, it is your responsibilty as a rider to keep yourself alive - plus other cliches "ride like your invisible", "ride like they are all out to get you" and "it doesn't matter whose fault an accident is"

    Kids don't ride motorbikes on the road, so your minority is far outweighed by the innocence of youth

    And it will be forever so. There are still way too many single vehicle accidents invovling death and serious injury among motorcyclists.
  13. 1181.

    Voted Yes.

    Simple reason being I reckon its a waste of bloody money.
    When ya on the road, the last thing one is thinking of is some
    TAC advert.

    Would rather spend money on rider safety by making roads
    more bike friendly by improving road surfaces & getting rid of
    road structures that cause biker fatalities.

  14. Tell the RTA that with their new initiative to put in place wire rails in the middle of roads country or not they will slice a rider in half. Damn well dangerous if you ask me. :evil:
  15. Effin idiots. fing23.