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Share Accomodation in Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 150MPH, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. I've got a large house with herds of room going spare in Carlingford area in Sydney. A double size room with ensuite ($170pw) & a single room ($100pw). Inground pool,BBQ,Foxtel,routered high speed cable internet,secure lock up garage for your motorcycles, alarmed in a quiet area. Either single or couple.
    You can either private message me with your number & I'll return your call,
    cheers All :cool:

  2. is it near a train station or near rhodes ? might be interested
  3. yes to both
  4. have msn sir
  5. phone numbers there if your interested ring
  6. Wow is that $100 or $170 inclusive of the foxtel and internet or is that a add on
    sounds like a bargain
    i've lived outta home twice in share places with friends n if it didn't send me broke cause i'm on shit money i still would be.
    Even motorcycle hating parents are good for something :grin:
    Though the bike is top secret cause if they found out I've got it I'd be out on my ass again.
  7. will ring tonight , i earn up to 800pw and misuss gets paid monthly if thats ok
  8. :cool: rooms still going