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Share Accommodation Market?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Slevin, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. The share house I am in is due to terminate lease in about a month and with the rental problem in Melbourne and uni going back I am sweating on what I will do.

    Are there many other people looking for share accommodation or do many people have vacant rooms?

    (I'm looking around East Melbourne if anyone has a place or wants to share a lease)

  2. Stay tuned, I'll check
  3. Im in a house by myself in Chadstone.
  4. Could have something for you in Burwood
  5. Dem :furious: SOB's. I tried them ages ago, it was basically designed for the gay market with"preferences"shall we say towards that persuassion. They really stuffed me around heaps as well.
  6. just leased out three rooms in noth melb there are a lot of uni students in north melb which = cheap rent
  7. Thanks for the heads up movin. I'll pass on that site.

    Last time I was looking around at this time of year there were heaps of students looking as well. A few rooms were getting in the order of 30 applications.

    Blodders, did you get anyone 'bidding' on your rooms like the media suggests is happening? I'm wondering how much is hype from the Real Estate agents to inflate the rental market.

    Smarteeee, I'll have a chat with Johnny O and get back to you if your still interested.
  8. damm could have made a mint... we really didn't need to advertise we filled with a few mates and turned down about three mates and about 20 asian exchange students they just sounded to sensible to fit in. house of personallities 1 archi, 2 drummers, 1 regge fan with turntables and 1 wanna be house dj. more speakers than brain cells :) the quite studios types just don't fit in :p