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Shannons Insurance - car vs bike enthuiast

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Just watching some hot rod show on foxtel and a shannons car insurance ad came on. The main bits are as usual from them, we insure all types of cars.. for enthuiasts. I casually say out loud (due to all the anecdotal stuff reported here) 'as long as you drive less than 3 days a week!' and some time during the ad I hear the gogomobile guy say "even if you drive every day". So wondering why a car enthuiast can drive daily but a motorbike enthuiast is only allowed to ride (insert how many days they say over the phone, like weekends/special days only)?

    It's just got the greater of my curiosity why this is? Anyone happen to know why? :)
  2. I dunno, why do they only insure over 25s? How come anyone under 25 can't be an enthusiast?

    I dislike Shannons for exactly this: They're discriminatory... worse than other insurers, anyway.
  3. Shannins is the thin end of the wedge....there are insurance companies in the US who will NOT EVER insure you if you have had a speeding infringement. These companies even "sponsor" radar equipment for local police forces.......
    Under 25 I can sort of understand, they are limiting their liability, which they have to do, being a very specific insurer.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Many insurers won't touch under 25's, they are just way tooooooooo high in the risk scale.

    I saw that ad also the other day and wondered the same thing, they're to expensive anyway, so who cares, stuff 'em :mad:
  5. AFAIU, Shannons was originally a smaller company that specialised in a niche. They were insuring marques in cars and bikes and quite often the owners (of veritable stables of vehicles) were members of various classic car and bike clubs, hence the term enthusiast. I assume the actuaries run the numbers and presume that such owners have a lowered probability of binning their vehicles out of fear and loathing.
    In more recent times, the small fish was swallowed by the big fish and now is owned by RSA and they have embarked on a drive for greater market share. (Perhaps, they are sendng out mixed messages.)
  6. And Australia's Pensioners Insurance Agency aren't?

    It's Shannons point of difference and works for them
  7. Another random synaptic firing inspired post from Sonja.

    Shannons insure riders who use their bike in a discretionary manner, i.e., the bike is not the main form of transport. They also have some other conditions to suit their business model.

    EVERY insurance company discriminates... against drink drivers, regular crashers, law breakers, the uninsurable, those that can't drive, those that think they can drive, inexperienced drivers with big powerful cars... whatever.


    Unfortunately, under 25's are disproprtionately represented in crash stats of all vehicle types. Why???? ...well, far be it from me to cast dispersions on the under 25's [I view those years fondly], but age often brings wisdom, experience, reality checks, mortality, financial burdens and/or children - any of which would tend to bring about statistically lowering behavioural changes.

    .... AFAIK, I don't have any children! LOL...