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Shannons cover feedback?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by trinny, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. I was hoping to get some feedback about Shannons for customer service and claims? I see from the search that they werent very popular for quotes but thats about it...

    I have quoted with ebike (not going there after reading the neg feedback), IMR, Swann and Shannons which is the cheapest so far. IMR seem to have a good balance of good premiums, good service and I was going to go with them but for some reason my quote has jumped about $2K from the last quote I did last week.


  2. Shannons have been, for me, simply awesome.

    I have found their customer service excellent, with people who really do seem to know what you ride.

    They are picky with who they insure and some people don't like that.

    I have had one claim with them and it was a totally painless experience.
  3. Thanks Cejay!
  4. It was actually less than painless. Just a phone call, lodged the claim over the phone, was advised to take it to a repair that I trusted and had a relationship with and to leave it with them. Had another couple of calls asking how I felt the whole thing was proceeding and when I remembered about my damaged gear and missed the chance for the assessor to review them, they asked for an indicative quote and just sent me a check for the amount.

    They also now insure my car and my race bike (as a 'laid up' insurance).
  5. Good too see you're such a fan of them, its funny how uncertain "insurance" is considering what its there for...
  6. Out of curiosity, what sort of details did you alter on your IMR quote to get it to jump $2,000?
  7. My car is insured with Ecar and i have had a claim with them and they were great. in about 2 weeks all up had my car back. I dont know about ebike but im assuming they are the same so i have actually had a good experience with them and they quoted to insure my showbike at $48 per month only catch was market value and they couldnt insure my twin turbo soarer. Went to shannons and i pay $110 per month and thats for both the car and the bike at agreed value and also choice of repairer. bike on its own ends up being $58 per month so for an extra $10 id rather go shannons.
  8. make sure you also get a quote from suncorp and qbe. they are some of the cheapest out there atm.

    Im in the middle of a claim with qbe atm. they have been ok but its been a bit of a hassle. And no hire vehicle for an accident was dissapointing as I have been left without transport.

    no idea about shannons but they were always more expensive for me
  9. All the info on the quote was the truth to the best of my knowledge so i dont think anything changed, the only thing that changed was the slip on exhaust i added which I declared as a modification under $500

  10. Weird. Maybe check it again as nothing should put your premium up by $2k. Unless you left out your current NCB rating details.
  11. Shannons were ok with my claim about 3 years ago. The only major issue I had with it, was the assessor happened to 'borrow' a few things off my bike when he took it to auction.

    I've made a claim with a bike and car now with them and had a few various issues, but nothing to major. They still paid up when all paperwork was completed.