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Shannons are full of crap

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Sugar, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I rang Shannons for a quote and everything was going fine until they asked me how often I ride my bike. Well, remembering their ad on the tv, and thinking, I'm a motorcycling enthusiast, I ride my bike every day of the week, in all sorts of weather, not like these dry, warm, sunday only riders.

    So I responded accordingly, Lo and behold, the line went dead.

    When I rang back and said the line must have dropped out, I (surprisingly enough) got to talk to the same person who categorically stated that they only insure enthusiasts and I didn't qualify as an enthusiast.

    I very politely corrected his way of thinking and stated that if I only rode my bike every other Sunday, then I would be considered as a collector because how the F%#@ could I not be an enthusiastic SOB when I ride every day?

    Obviously Shannons didn't get my business. Go figure
  2. Yes they are. :cool:
  3. im an enthusiast but under 25 so they didnt touch me. goodbye shannons forever hello to qbe
  4. I head that about shannons, the other day from a couple of workmates that also ride. That if you ride regularly they will not insure you. Like what the, christ if I wanted a bike to sit in the garage why would I bother about motorcycle insurance blooy most likely get the thing covered under home and contents if it were just going to sit there and collect dust.
  5. you are not the only one i have heard copmplain. Shannons obviously arent serious about motorbike insurance, just another way of getting the phone to ring to justify the amount of people they have answering phones. I reckon the only bike you could insure is a HD. They are always in the garage arent they.. :grin:
  6. Shannons are APIA of the motorcycling world.

    For those that don't recognise the acronym, APIA = Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency, which offers lower insurance premiums because it only caters to the low risk market segment.

    Basically they can offer lower premiums, because they only insure people who pretty much never ride, so all they're really insuring much of the time is a item that's locked up in a garage with an alarm on it.
  7. yep also under 25 so no cover but shannons aren't the only ones arista does the same for everyday riders but only if its a sports bike....

    go figure selective insurance and it still a david and goliath battle for a claim.
  8. My olds tell me APIA are one of the dearest....
    I got a quote on-line from Shannons...
    ...heaps dealer than QBE ,which I use....
  9. I always love it when a business targets a specialised market segment, and because you don't fit into that segment they are "crap" and deserve some abuse :roll: At least they have the honesty to tell you, not like some other companies that just set their quotes sooo high when they don't want your business.
  10. Thats true in one sense , but you must admit there new adds that feature the old has been from Channel 10 , unlike APIA , don't make a real point of hmm pointing out that market segment.
  11. Errrr, doesnt that hasbeen needed to have actually been something before he can qualify as a hasbeen?

    I need to dodge him for 4 days next week. The goose walks around pit lane as if he owns it.......everyone knows it's mine, I own it :)
  12. I wouldnt call them crap.

    They offer a certain product and that product isn't for you.

    I got a quote to insure the storm and they wanted $900, QBE wanted $482 guess who got my business.
  13. So Vic.... You went with Storm then hey ! :)

    Insurance is a bit of a con that you really cant afford to pay or cant affort to do without either.

    If your too young - The Premiums are HIGH.
    If your too old - The Premiums are HIGH.
    If you have had an accident - The Premiums are HIGH.
    If you have had a claim - The Premiums are HIGH.
    If you have an expensive motorcycle - The Premiums are HIGH.
    If your living in a High Risk area - The Premiums are HIGH.
    If you have an accident and your NOT insured - The Repair costs are HIGH.
    If your bike is stollen - The replacement costs are HIGH.

    WHERE do you win ?
  14. Such as the venerable (or venerial?) old RACV. They wanted well over $400 for bottom of the rung third party for my ute while QBE only asked $218. RACV wanted over $1000 for comp on the viffer and QBE was $400ish. Guess who doesn't want my business and can shove their quotes?
  15. What are you talking about? they do that too. They wanted something like $1500 per year to insure me on a 5k bike. 500 Tourer with a rider who has had a licence for 10 years, bike licence for 6 and never an at fault claim, with a super clean driving history to boot. The online quote was more than stupid with no explaination. Then again, I also told them how often I ride truthfully. The only people Shannons want to insure are those with an expensive or rare bike (so high insurance costs are worthwhile) who only actually take it out of the safety of the garage maybe four times a year.
  16. Shannon's is a wank.
    I asked if they had discounted insurance for riders over forty. No they do not.
    Ok, cya, Arista does.
    Think of the money they are wasting advertising on bike sites and in bike magazines.
    Baffles me why they even bothered.
    I think they were hoping to cash in on the older riders who only use bikes on the weekends as toys and/or assumed pose/chic magnets.
    Mid life crisis white collar, wannabe be bikers types.
    Shannon's will doubtless just gradually fade away.
    Goodbye and good riddance.
  17. It's clearly because you risky - They may say stuff on TV - but when it comes to the dotted line - your a bit too risky for them to handle!!!

    If they don't want you, thats fine, they just lost money and they now have a bad reputation! Lots of riders will read this and they will now consider going to another company.

    Isn't this a 'Fair trading' problem??? It is false advertising! Maybe you can report them - If your really annoyed! :LOL:
  18. i saw a perfect customer for shannons a couple of days ago, i was at my mates house (he lives 30 metres from the local trendy cafe) his neighbour warms up his cbr600 jumps on, does a lap of the street and then parks practically inbetween the cafes tables, if he forgot is wallet his partner could throw it to him from his house :p
  19. i recently did the trip around with insurance took a few weeks but finally got it sorted.

    i did the online thing for shannons , was all looking good till i rang up.
    upon ringing up and going through the options when they asked about bike houseing, i said 'its in a bike port' (car port) they then informed me that they only insured if it would be gararged. (later on i considered keeping bike at sisters house to save $150 ish)

    so i went back to maxirider ` swan for a quote as i remembered they were good from my last bike at $400 odd this time around tho they were 1400 as i had not had a bike full compo for a more than a year. ouch.

    western qbe saved the day at 600ish.

    nrma / gio didnt want to hear about bikes. pity.
  20. When I was looking at getting the Ducati, I did the ring around for insurance..when I got Shannons quote I actually laughed at him on the phone as the quote was so exhorbitant and inquired as to why this was so...he basically said they were looking for a particular market and the price was so high due to the "extras" on the insurance including being covered at track days etc. They are looking for people in a "niche" market and thats fine if I dont fit into it...or choose not to go with a higher premium for their product. I think I got quoted similar price for Teachers Union Insurance and one other car based insurer.

    So it doesnt mean Shannons are crap, it just means the product offered wasn't what I was looking for. I've gone with Swann. :)