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Shane Warne up to his old trick again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bass_player, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. This morning I was walking to work with my sister and her friend. Her friend turned off at Hindley street as she works down that way and we kept walking south towards our offices. A few minutes later my sisters friend calls and says she just saw Shane Warne running down Hindley Street wearing only a towel. Me thinks Shane may have been up to his old tricks again!

  2. no its ok , he's not .
    he was down at Glenelg sunbaking and a group of by-standers threw wet towels and blankets on and tried rolling the fat prick back in .
  3. Maybe our Boonie lookalike found a Warnie lookalike and they're both running a muck in town gettin free piss for lookin like em... :p
  4. That Boonie lookalike is a champ. Always gets his noggin on the big screen at the test and one dayers!
  5. Did he have a mobile phone in his hand.......?
  6. Don't know if he did. I'd be more worried about where he would put it once he's finished texting anyway

  7. Yeah what would we do without him!! That dude has never paid for beer at the cricket i bet! I love it when he's so pissed someone convinces him to go a beer bong and they keep filling it as he drinks it!
  8. You heading down there at all over the next 5 days?
  9. Nah most likely not,

    going on a ride to Mannum friday night, then to Walkers flat on saturday and then back to Adelaide for another ride somewhere sunday (i dont know where yet :p )
  10. From the glasshouse last night:

    Q. What's the difference between Warney and Russell Crowe?

    A. Warney actually figured out how to use a phone...
  11. Yeah im heading into Mannum on Sunday to pay off a houseboat trip. Stuck in the bloody cage though because I havn't found myself a bike yet. Hopefully head to the cricket on Sunday. Which way do you ride to Mannum? When I get a bike I reckon I'll be doing the Hahndorf. Oakbank, Palmer etc route.
  13. No the team is in Adelaide for tomorrows test at ADELAIDE OVAL
  14. true

    ur right,well mr warne must have been running cos he might have no credit on his fone :p
    he is single,so he can i guess
  15. true

    ur right,well mr warne must have been running cos he might have no credit on his fone :p
    he is single,so he can i guess :roll:
  16. Yeah I'm normally heading out the Tea Tree Gully way and just follow North East Rd thru Birdwood etc.