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Shameless plug for a good cause [and also some photos]

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Sly-Fox, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. I usually hate people like me, join a forum simply to post a link somewhere else, the cheek of it all! :grin: However, as it's for a good cause I'm hoping nobody really minds, and I do plan on hanging round these forums a bit more. (Wish I'd found them before I started my trip really :roll: )

    Anyway, I'm currently in the process of riding my bike all the way round your rather large country, in aid of Medecines Sans Frontieres. 15,000km down so far, and plenty to go. (I'm from the UK, but don't let that put you off!)

    So if you fancy reading the blog, checking out some more photos etc. then have a look at www.arseaboutface.com If you're feeling generous you can even donate a few pennies while you're there. All donations go direct to the charity, so I don't get a chance to spend them on pies unfortunately.

    Here's a few piccies to tempt you... :p

    For correct operating procedure, please return to upright position

    Free mud pack treatments in Tasmania

    Lost in a national park just south of Perth

    Ok, that's the plug over and done with, carry on. :cool:
  2. The first link leads to some weird agricultural site.

    No hotties draped over machinery nor a crop circle in sight.

    Bit boring really.
  3. how much cc is your ride

    you should join a netrider cruise whilst on your trip :p
  4. wow so similar.... I think I know the second slimy mudhole sly-fox... is it over the back of wellington the "short" long cut from new norfolk to huonville?

    I shattered the exhaust mainifold on my ex's rav 4 bashing through that ditch or one very similar...
  5. Yep I've seen those shots somewhere else.
    Buggin the hell out of me now, just where.
  6. That's the one! I think it was called the 'Crabtree Track' if I remember rightly. Had some fairly hairy hillclimbs along the route too. Much more fun than the bitumen though. :grin:

    The bike is a 600cc Yamaha XT, 2000 model. I stuck a long range plastic tank on it, so it looks a little different to standard. :)
  7. So when do you hit Adelaide next?
  8. Probably in a couple of months or so. I'll be hitting Adelaide before heading up the Oodnadatta Track and then on to the Great Central Road down to Perth. (where I am at the moment)

    Gotta get round the top and down the eastern side first :grin:
  9. I have just had a read of your blog, and l love it!

    Good job, dude.