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Shake My Head In Disbelief

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundman58, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. My wife has just arrived home from work decrying the behaviour of a P plate motorcyclist.
    She turned right off the Princes Highway in Dandenong into James Street, and after passing the intersection with Herbert Street, said motorcyclist pulled out of Herbert Street and slotted in behind her. She felt he was uncomfortably close from the moment he pulled in behind her. Traffic at the David Street roundabout meant that they had to wait for several cars before they could proceed, during which time the motorcyclist seemed impatient. Once moving again the motorcyclist was again very close behind my wife, who steadfastly stuck to the 50 kmh limit set for this street, much to the chagrin of the motorcyclist. Said motorcyclist then accelerated rapidly past my wife and continued well above the set speed limit to the lights at Heatherton Road. The motorcyclist got to the lights and chose to use the right hand turn lane to cut past the through traffic and continued into Menzies Avenue, effectively cutting off one car whilst still over the posted limit.
    Now a lot of us seem to like bagging car drivers and their views about us, yet here we have one of our own shooting us all in the foot. I do not know the gender of the motorcyclist and have chosen not to guess at it, but either way they need a long hard look in a mirror. We don't need ill will from stupid members of our own community.

  2. Your right Shane . These types of people arn't just confined to cages . These people are in control of trucks , cars and MOTORBIKES.
  3. Yeah...they just don't last as long on the bikes.
  4. thats right people like this give us a bad name
  5. As there are quite a few members of Netrider in this area, I hope that they are not one of our own. But if they are, I hope they read this and realise the disservice they done themselves and the wider motorcycling community. :( :(
  6. Vicki was just witnessing Darwinism in action, Shane. :D
  7. and when this guy got home he bragged to his mates about how clever he was and how the stupid woman was holding him up, blah blah blah
    Find these twits and issue them a challenge; let's take it to Philip Island and see how clever you are against some real traffic!!!
  8. I dont get it?

    Cutting people off.

    Thats a everyday thing?
    Bikes or Cars
  9. Just had a similar moment myself.

    On the bike, turning right into falcon st from the freeway.

    Bike comes up on my left, mid turn, shares my lane for a second, till I decide to slow down to let him in.

    Heavy traffic as well, not a time to be lane sharing.
  10. Think we might see another "Rider Down" thread soon. In the case of this person I would say the "P" stands for prick on 2 wheels.
  11. Not what you expect in what is a suburban backstreet, maybe on a major road.
  12. So far, a top-notch troll, Roundman.
  13. I guess i just had to be there + i dont know the roads you are talking about
  14. I think your avater needs to be in giff format mat . Oh la la =P~ =P~
  15. Safety issues aside, Roundman makes a good point about the perceptions we create or re-enforce whenever we ride like pricks out there. Our future is in our hands... It's all well and good to cry foul when the government screws us, but the public will give us no sympathy if we treat them like this on a regular basis.

    Except on Sundays - thats bike only day! get those frickin cars off the road :LOL:
  16. I didnt catch what he was riding... but was it an R6?
  17. No. The point Roundman makes is more like "You can't measure up to the standards set by a busybody, because then they'd have nothing to complain about". Regardless of how hard you try to be non-threatening in traffic and how many kisses you blow your fellow motorists, there'll be enough wannabe narcs among them to make it futile.
  18. IK - able to see the silver lining in ANY dark cloud :LOL: :p but seriously, do you ever have anything positive to say? :shock:

    anyways, i reckon most of us would be guilty of being on both sides there at some time or another. we all ride so i doubt theres a lot of us that can say we've never sped or cut traffic before, and every time someone speedspast us we'll sit there and shake our heads at the very least if we're not in the mood to play chasey.

    ever notice how everyone that drives slower than you is an asshole and everyone that drives faster is a maniac? :LOL:
  19. no. never seen another maniac in traffic before. ;)

    we all do it. and if you don't then i pity you. 'Coz you missing out.