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webBikeWorld SHAD Zulupack Waterproof Luggage Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jul 22, 2015.

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    The SHAD Zulupack name is well known by those who enjoy the outdoors, particularly in wet environments.

    And SHAD has done a good thing in tailoring and marketing the line worldwide.

    With twelve bags in the current Zulupack lineup, there is -- or should be -- something for almost every use and every trip.

    Besides motorcycle riding, that also includes walking, driving or travelling by other means -- the Zulupack bags are just that versatile.

    All of the products, less the SW55 travel bag, are true "dry bags".

    Properly packed and closed, they will keep contents absolutely dry under most conditions imaginable and they'll also work as floatation devices in a pinch.

    Of simple design with few external features -- other than the odd pocket and essential mounting points -- the SHAD Zulupack bags are truly basic in every sense.

    That means they may not offer some features like the (valued) attachment points found on competitive products.

    But the provided harnesses and straps and mounting points do allow any and all of the Zulupack bags to be quickly secured to a wide variety of motorcycles and some of the bags can also transform into extremely capable backpacks or carry-on travel bags.

    Some adaptation shortfalls, like the minimalist straps and limited connection or mounting points on a few of the Zulupack bags should be addressed by SHAD to keep the bags competitive and to see their potential better realized.

    The one thing that doesn’t need much realization however is the simplicity, function, durability and value of the Zulupack waterproof bags in what is now a very crowded market.

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