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Sh!t non riders say

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2216, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. A little list of the lectures I get on a daily basis - add yours.

    "You're going to kill yourself"

    How? I follow the road rules.. I don't speed. Tell me how I'm going to kill myself, I'd be interested to know, fortune teller.

    "Cars can't see you"

    Why not? Unless I'm in their blind spot they will see me. I've never understood this one.

    "Motorcycles are dangerous, you don't have the protection you'd have in a car"

    Close to 100 drivers have died this year on Australian roads, compared to 30 motorcyclists. Yes - there are 10 times more drivers than riders, but at the same time, if the numbers were equal, people would be far more aware of riders.

    You're right in a way, but so wrong in many others.

    "My mate crashed his motorcycle, won't see me on one"

    My mate crashed his car, won't see me boycotting them.
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  2. From a nurse
    "I worked in a ward full of motorcycle accident victims"

    Me: Either it was a small ward or you were working at an event like the IOM. More injuries occur in the home than on the road

    "Hey nice Harley mate"
    Shame I ride a Suzuki Bandit - it even has the words Suzuki and Bandit on the bike....
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  3. My favourite is when my mates say "I'd kill myself if I got a motorbike" which usually means your wife won't let you get one.
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  4. Yeh I get the same thing, only mines a Kawasaki Z1000 emblazened in big bold letters on the bike.
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  5. A couple of points for you to think about.

    Following the road laws could end up getting you killed. If you want I'll explain why. But first have a think about it.

    Cars can't see you. This is almost right. It's not that they can't see you, it's that they aren't looking for you so they won't see you. Know this and ride accordingly.

    Motorcycles are dangerous. Well they kind of are. You don't have the protection you have in a car - this is absolutely correct.
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  6. Look I'd answer by linking 1 and 2 together - "well open your eyes and look for bikes then, that will help me in not getting killed".

    Pt 3 - Motorcycles are more dangerous than a car, I think most of us acknowledge that, but we accept that greater risk for greater reward/satisfaction. And look, its not base jumping, or croc wrestling or similar...

    Pt4 - "my mate had an orgy with 3 hookers and a bag of coke, won't see me in one..." In-duh-vidual choice here, I could give a shit what happened to somebody elses mate.

    My personal favourites which I hate to hear is "ah so you're a temporary Australian" or "hope you're an organ donor".

    Edit: LOL Semi-Ninja'd by b12mickb12mick
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  7. My brother-inlaw used to call me a donor-bike rider... I used to say he was more crazy for marrying my crazy sister.

    When I was in the ER after my acco, the ER doctor was using an ultrasound to make sure my internal organs were all in the right spots and he asked me "How's the bike?" to which I said "It's a goner, already thinking about the next one." He just looked at me shook his head and said:

    "Bl00dy motorbike riders!"
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  8. I get your points, occasionally I do have to speed to avoid something, but i'm willing to break the law occasionally to survive.

    Motorcycles are dangerous, no doubt, but I think the danger is not nearly as bad as people say it is.
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  9. 3 hookers and a bag of coke huh?

    Excuse me for a minute... Ok 24 seconds :p
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  10. I got the "oh you ride do you" when i walked in with leather jacket, gloves and helmet in hand..

    Thank you Captain Obvious!
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  11. As to the OP, the one I've gotten the most so far is the point about not being seen. b12mickb12mick is 100% on this one IMO.
  12. Good to hear. I've run red lights because it was a better option than getting run over by a B double. And generally speaking it's better to be in front, way in front, of the traffic. Getting there may mean you have to break a few rules.

    You're right, motorcycles aren't as dangerous as some think they are. But keep this mind, in NSW the vast majority of motorcycle accidents are single vehicle accidents, indicating that the rider contributed to their own demise. Certainly in multi-vehicle accidents the rider is rarely legally at fault, note I said legally.
  13. Or one of the variations - it's mid winter. -2c. You're at the servo, paying. And the attendant says "Hmm, bit cold to be on bike isn't it".
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  14. 22162216 out of curiosity, how long have you been riding?
  15. "I could never ride a motorbike/surf/hang glide/etc"
    No shit. That's why nobody has ever seen you doing those things.

    "I'd love to ride but i'm too nervous/ frightened"
    It's probably best you don't, then.
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  16. The ones that really shit me are the ones who used to ride but fell off, and now make it their business to tell everyone how dangerous motorcycles are. If I remember correctly, we had one of those on this forum for a while. I think he might have been why I got a little holiday from the forum.
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  17. Man I couldn't wait to get back on, if I could have strapped a crutch to my DR I would have :)
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  18. Or more correctly, "My wife would kill me if I got a motorbike" :ROFLMAO:
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  19. Response: "Sounds like she's already done that."
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  20. Comment, "I don't know why anyone would choose to ride a motorbike."

    Response, (usually there is none, just a bit of stony silence, occasionally a laugh.) But If I have to, the response ranges from a lengthy lecture from an old fart, apparently obsessed by his good fortune to still be riding and with no intention of giving it away any time soon. To "you just have to suck it and see. It's not for everyone." To, "the hardest time is the first 5 to 10 years. It can take that long to develop the sort of road savvy it takes to do it well and safely. Road users are not getting better." "It is absolutely the best way to improve your road craft in or on any sort of vehicle. There is a level of personal accountability that is unmatched by any other form of transport, apart from maybe bicycles or aircraft, which has the effect of sharpening one significantly. There is more at stake at all times. That never goes away. It makes me a better road user."
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