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Sh*T my Mum says

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JuniperSachs, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. :whistle:
    So, to keep me amused while I’m stuck in a full day training session… Y’all know I’m about to go into a 6m ban. And the second thought that struck me when it ruined my day(/week/year) was “Oh Gods, I can just hear my mum’s ill-concealed glee…”
    Sure enough, the “Oh my darling, I am so sorry to hear that, but…” was exactly as sincere as I expected. About as sincere as the "I'm glad you're enjoying your little motorbike" always is. Bless her, she’s always ‘Supportive of my decisions’ – but unfortunately for her I don’t think I’ve yet made one she actually liked. Like when I got my first tattoo, aged 21, and I hid it from her til I forgot and invited her swimming. Her words? “Well it won’t look very sexy when you’re 70” (My reply? Mum, I wont look very sexy when I’m 70. If I do, the tattoo will be just fiiiiiiine.”

    So I’m interested to know how your parents/family (partners count) enjoyed your initial decision to live a life on two wheels. And any stupid parent sh*t they said or even still say despite you being an actual grown up and everything….

    And go on, give me the stories about how awesome your dad was and how he built you your first two wheeled rocket out of tin cans and nitrous oxide. Coz I always wished I had a dad like that. :)

    (Oh, but imagine my delight when I got invited paragliding the other day. Ah, Mum, we’ve barely even gotten started… :sneaky::whistle: )

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  2. My mum "oh ever since you started riding motorbikes I look for bikes now!"......me "what did you do before???"....go figure (and they are allowed to drive lol)
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  3. Hahaha. Nice work Mum.

    Mine, as a sports bike overtook us. "He won't get there any faster, you know!" ....Erm, Mum...??
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  4. Not necessarily my mother but i have a friend that feels the need to post every bike fatality/crash they see online in my FB feed..

    I've pretty much learnt to ignore them however it's like they're secretly waiting for me to appear in one of those articles so they can say "see .. told you bikes are dangerous"
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  5. I've taken to telling my Mum 'You know I have heaps of friends who ride bikes, and every one of them is alive...'
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  6. Both my parents were dead when I got my licence. My wife was reasonably happy with the decision at the time. And now she's more in to bikes than I am.
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  7. Oh this is one I love. Always hearing about how Mum hates tattoos (myself, the wife and two of my kids have ink as does my father in law and brother in law who used to be a tattoo artist)
    You missed the opportunity there. Your reply, "Mum, I don't know about you but I'M going to be dead set SEXY when I'm 70, and my tats will make me even MORE interesting!"

    My mother in law isn't fond of them either, btw. Too bad, hey! ;)
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  8. Last time - when I got my shoulder piece - I just said, "Mum, you don't even want to know..." (which, frankly, applies to my whole life. Haha)
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  9. :DWell your Mum is right. Motorcycle are dangerous and so are the people that ride them. How how about I pm you with the day's I have off we will get you into some more practice
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  10. Haha thanks Dangerous Eric :D
  11. Having had my first motorcycle accident, Mum comes to the hospital and her first words:

    " You really should look where you're going"

    I said " Yes fine thanks, you?"
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  12. Ha, I like the 'first accident' ...maybe she had a point! ;)
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  13. Yes I've had more the one in 44 years of riding........
  14. "If I find out you've been doing wheelies down the main street, I'll take a bloody axe to the thing!"
    Dad got a similar warning after wheelying through Cootamundra in the early 80s. She knew about it before he got home, despite being a good 5 hours away.
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  15. Any of them Mum proof? :)
  16. ...before the truth has its boots on :) Go dad, though!
  17. #17 Pompy, Sep 26, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
    Gees I remember my mum telling me she'd cut my ears off if I ever got them pierced.........did it stop me, as if!!!!
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  18. Wreckless Eric
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  19. Did she cut them off??
  20. Nah, I wish, it would make putting my helmet on easier......
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