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SFV 650 and the FZ6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mischiefmaka, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if either of these bikes in the " learner legal" situation can later have the de tuning taken off?
    Not sure if that is the right terminology...

    Basically the story goes like this..My husband used to have his licence in NZ so he knows how to ride, but he had to do the whole learners things again with me so now he has to accept he needs a LAMS bike for insurances reasons...

    He wanted to buy new and he had been told by some dealers that it will only cost $200 to have the SFV650 changed after he is off restrictions ( something about a ECU being changed? ) , Now other dealers have told him that is bullshit and you cant do it and that he wouldnt be able to purchase an ECU kit and that dealerships are giving him incorrect information just to sell him a bike!

    He doesnt want to buy a new bike that is de tuned if it cannot be given its full glory later on ...

    So can this be done or not, i told him you lot would be the best people to ask :)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. To my knowledge, Yamaha don't sell a LAMS fz6 in Australia.

    De-restricting a restricted (EFI anyway, not a ducati with a chunk of metal restricting it) LAMS bike sounds like a bunch of hassle, expense and legal/warranty ambiguity, for a brand new bike.

    There are some pretty reasonable/fun/fastish LAMS bikes out there......some of the tards, rvf400, cb400 etc

    Cool thing about many LAMS bikes is they hold their value quite well and are reasonably easy to sell, maybe it's worth just putting up with it till the time is up, especially if he has the money to get any LAMS bike you want.
  3. I am led to believe that you also have to re register the bike as a non LAMS aswell once you hav de-restricted it?
  4. Wasn't aware there was a LAMS fz6? Not sure about the gladius but I know the LAMS SV/GSX650F can be derestricted by putting in a non LAMS ecu, few hundred for a used one from the states
  5. Oh ok, thanks for the input...
    so its pretty much what i thought...

    Ive suggested he buy a cheap 2nd hand lams to do his time on for 12 months and then buy the bike he really wants when he is off restrictions, to me this makes the best sense financially too.
    Problem is he knows so many restricted riders riding around on bikes that are not approved that he has been lulled into a false sense of security, I raised the insurance issue as im almost certain no Insurance company would cover him should he have an accident and they discover he was riding an un approved bike...
  6. Perhaps they dont make a lams FZ6, I probably have that bit wrong...
    Was a lot of info to take in when i didnt really have a clue what he was on about lol
  7. arnt you only on a 250 cruiser anyway? I rekon best thing for him to do would be to just by a second hand lams approved bike for now (even a 250), do the time on it then upgrade when he comes off his restrictions. If you two are gonna be out riding together theres no point him having a bike that is overpowered anyway. Either that or id just get a powerful bike now and keep my head low for a year or so till he comes off restrictions. Up to him if he wants to take the risk or not..
  8. why does he need to get his license again if he had one in NZ can't they transfer it across :-s
  9. My dad questioned that also but he held his licence over there many years ago and bc it was allowed to lapse he was told he needed to re do it again..

    Ninja03 LOL yeah im on a 250 but that has no bearing on what he will ride, he will be using his bike to commute to Melb on and it will have day to day use, my bike is a weekend fun thing...
  10. The FZ6 is NOT and will not be LAMS approved, however, the new XJ6 which is a very similar bike, with a slightly lower seat height is going to be LAMS approved this coming March, if he can hold out that long. The only other model Yamaha sell in Australia at present that is LAMS approved is the XVS650.
  11. I know of a restricted SV650 that has been sorted. There was a bit of homework done when the model was newer, but now it seems like a known mod so the info is out there.

    I'm not sure if it will matter if he waits to do his time before making the change, but it might be worth checking. Maybe it's OK after getting off restrictions if the bike info is amended accordingly so it can't later be sold as a LAMs model to another learner.

    Worth checking some angles, but it can be done.
  12. Maybe I don't understand the laws correctly, but why do you need to notify the authorities if the bike is no longer LAMS? As long as you're on your full license, you can modify the bike as much as you want and still ride it (provided it's roadworthy).

    I understand selling the bike might be slightly different..

    Anyway, so a possibility may be to buy a restricted bike (e.g. SV650SU), and then when you get off restrictions, install a power commander. That way, when you sell it, just remove the PCIII and it's a LAMS bike again. Don't involve the dealer as a 2nd hand LAMS bike might be more valuable than an unrestricted one.

    I know that my insurer will cover powercommanders, so it shouldn't be different to insuring any other bike with a PCIII on a full licence.
  13. Lams bikes have a flag on their rego , so the police can easily tell its LAMS when doing a reg/licence check.

    So.... when de restricting them , the rego flag must be changed.
  14. Thanks guys, you have given us a bit to work with....

    Did a bit of research online last night and it seems that even the few bikes that you can change with kits from OS etc you must then re register with vic roads so it seems a timely and costly experience...

    Matt is 5" 6 and 1/2 so he is a little limited with bike selection
    Caz ill tell him about the Xj6....
  15. Is there a penalty for riding an unofficially (i.e. done at home) derestricted bike when on your full license? Something like riding unregistered or riding an unroadworthy vehicle?

    I know the Vicroads guidelines state that a LAMS bike can not be written by a learner or restrictions rider if it has been modified for performance, but that doesn't state anything about full license riders (because that is essentially what we're discussing)?

    To use another example.. If I, as a fully licensed rider, buy an rvf400 for track days and have it road registered as well, does that mean that I need to change the rego flag if I'm putting an exhaust system on? I doubt many (if any) people do.

    Mods, please delete if this is OT, but I'm curious about this one if anyone knows.
  16. Apart from insurance issues, it might be worthwhile mentioning to him that the rules have changed recently, and along with a fine, you also receive demerit points on your licence. Learners only get 5 points to play with, and riding a non lams bike on your L's will attract 3 demerit points.
    If he attracts five points, not only is his bike licence suspended, so are all other licences.
  17. Assuming he has had a full driver's license for x years don't you go onto a *unrestricted bike license after passing the L test?

    I went from my L's to full in a bit over two months. (But that was NSW - and perhaps it's changed since, dunno)

    *no pillion for 12 months though
  18. Yeah Caz he knows about the points, Ive talked him into buying an approved bike, he likes a Honda and is talking to dealerships now ;)

    Jazzfan..No here in vic you must hold L's for min of 3 months then u do your P test and if you are a fully licenced driver ( as we both are) then you do not have to display p plates however you must still ride a lams approved bike for 12 months from the date of your p's being issued ( i dont really understand it myself, its just like saying, well we know you have been around a while so we wont embarrass you buy making u wear the plates but we will insist you ride the same bike as everyone else...seems a tad redundant to me.
  19. The reason you aren't required to display P plates is for the simple reason that you are no longer a Probationary Driver in reference to the road laws. You are still, however, required to serve the time on a restricted licence as you are deemed inexperienced in terms of the vehicle type.