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Sf 848 Or S3....or....???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Conner, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. New here. Have posted something up in the intro section!

    Anyways...realizing that I'm missing parts of the rush of riding...faster bikes, I'm on the hunt for something that has the kick but won't break my back....as much at least!

    Loving both the Ducati SF 848...and the Triumph S3....on paper at least. I've ridden the S3, and it's great. Awesome throttle response, linear torque curve. The power is everywhere. However, I can't find a dealer that has an SF 848 for test rides in Sydney.

    What am I really looking for? Dependable bike that I can cruise on for 200km, yet can hammer when I want it to, and can be taken to the track for an occasional whirl. I'm pretty set on these two bikes...just can't decide which. Mainly because I haven't ridden the SF.

    Anyone got some feedback on these bikes? Looking for unbiased views if possible. I ride bikes. I'm not pro anything. When I'm on my Harley, I nod to people passing by on Vespas.

    I know pricewise the S3 is cheaper. But is the extra coin worth it?

    Appreciate any info!
  2. Have you tried Northside Triumph in Artarmon? They do Triumph and Ducati and had a SF848 in for test rides recently I believe.
  3. I don't know how this is relevant to your questions about which naked bike you should buy, other than Isn't the Sportster 883 the vespa of the Harley world? That explains why you would wave to a Scooter rider! LOL

    Back on topic and away from the girly bike insults, I havent riden both but I have ridden the Speed Triple and it is a stand out for me in pretty much any company, so I give it my vote. It would definitely be at home in the type of riding you wish to do with it and has proven to be a dependable mount.

    The Ducati is probably a great bike too, but the Trumpy would be my pick.
  4. Yeah was there last weekend. No SF's for test rides. In fact, none in stock at all.
  5. The Triumph imho. But I do love the styling of the SF!
  6. is the S3 the speed or the street triple?
  7. I believe the OP means Speed triple when he used S3 which is a popular abreviation for that particular bike.
    Usually the Street Triple is shortened to STR on the Trumpy forums.
  8. Yeah sorry...too lazy to type it all out haha. I meant Speed Triple
  9. A quick follow up question: would you go for the S3 R? Or just the S3? Is the price premium really worth it for the shocks, wheels, and carbon bits? Can the stock S3 handle a track session well enough?
  10. If you are buying a brand newie; they are already pretty kitted out. Really just depends on your budget, how much you want to spend on Factory parts vs upgrading the specific things you will use.

    Yes, ST3 is usually the Street Triple. Confusing.
  11. If you have the money to spend on a S3 R - have a serious look at the Aprilia Tuono V4R. Same price pretty much, but it absolutely eats the Triumph up and spits out the pips.
  12. Over the Speed Triple and the SF848, I would take the 848. They look better to me, similar HP although the Speed has more torque. SF has a 15kg weight advantage, feels much lighter and is much slimer. SF cost a little more. SF in yellow is hot