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Seymour to Melbourne via Yea

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by RussellDP, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls

    Wandering down to Melbourne in a couple of weeks from Shepparton, wondered if any of you had ridden this route from Seymour to Yea to Kinglake/Hurstbridge?

    What's it like as a ride? Fairly novice rider here though. If I am over reaching I would prefer to know and take a shorter but more boring route.
  2. Good ride, fairly easy. Recommend...

    Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 15.05.37.
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  3. There are a couple of roads you can take between Seymour and Yea. The Goulburn Valley Highway is fairly straightforward, with wide, easy sweepers most of the way.
    The alternative route is through Highlands by taking Watson/Wimble Street (in Seymour) eastward onto Highlands Road. This starts out straight and boring but turns into quite a tight and twisty piece of road after a while. The surface is variable at times and could be challenging for a learner but it's a fun road. Turn right at Highlands onto Ghin Ghin Road and left onto Goulburn Valley Highway to get to Yea.
    Whittlesea-Yea Road from Yea to Kinglake West is quite winding, but there are no nasty surprises so you should manage that without too much difficulty.
    The road from Kinglake (not Kinglake West) to Hurstbridge is extremely tight and throws in some real curlers that have caught many riders out. Treat with care.
    If you are in Kinglake and you choose to avoid this road you'll need to go west to Whittlesea, or east to the intersection with the Melba Hwy at Castella. No problems with these if you take it easy.
  4. Thanks titustitus
  5. Lovely road Yea to Kinglake west via flowedale etc. But as Titus says, if you don't like extreme twisters then avoid Kinglake/hurst ridge road. It's not hard to do, but very twisty. At least no gravel on it now though!
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  6. Plus plenty of cliffs!:dead:
  7. If you don't mind a 'short cut' go down B300 towards Healesville (via Yea) and turn left at B724. Then another left at the Toolangi pub (Myers Creek Road). This takes you to Healesville.

    After crossing the town centre, take another left at the Woori Yallock road and keep following it Towards Emerald. From there, take Wellington road and all the way down to Melbourne..

  8. The road from Kinglake to Kangaroo Ground isn't easy and it still has a few bits of gravel from the recent roadworks.
    Instead of going from Flowerdale out to Glenburn the road down to Kinglake West is good, then to Kinglake.
    Depends where you want to go after that but you could follow the road through to the Melba then up to Yea and take the highway home.
    That way you don't hit anything too hard.
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  9. I agree with chillibuttonchillibutton. The road mrntioned above is extremely twisty and has some resurfaced loose stony areas. You can continue down to Yarra Glen and turn right to Kangaroo Ground past Sugarloaf Dam for a great fun 80kmh twisty road.
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  10. Titus is on the money here. These are good roads, and worth riding, but the road from Kinglake to St Andrews is one that I find to be very steep and tight. If you have a local in a ute behind you, it can really take the fun out of the ride. That's my experience anyway.
    Petesul's suggestion is a good one. The road from Yarra Glen to Kangaroo Ground is a great ride.
    Enjoy the journey.
  11. I think a nice pleasant (but not too demanding) route would be to take the B340 Goulburn Valley Highway from Seymour to the right turn onto King Parrot Creek Road after 21km, which will take you to Strath Creek. Turn left onto C382 Broadford-Flowerdale Road (same as Mouth's map up to here). At Flowerdale, Right onto C725 Whittlesea-Yea Road to Whittlesea. Kinda depends on what your final destination is though.