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Sexy upgrades

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Anyone got any to add to the list below of Brand new naked V-Twins or V-Fours to upgrade too after P's end, in the $10k - $15k bracket

    and I'm six foot and around 95kilo so i don't want to be cramped like i am on the VTR250

    excluding motards / hypermotards / cruisers

    Shiver 750
    Guzzi Classic Cafe Racer
    Tuono V4 ?
    Ducati Monster range

    (excluding Street Triple cos i hate that mechanical whine it has, and its also hard to find a recent model good condition SV650, and the Gladius is too small for me)

    *Honda VFR800
    *Honda VFR1200 are excluded because they are faired.
    *Super Duke 990 out of budget
  2. Im 6'6 and 100kg and i found the monster very cramped (you wont get new in that price range). Tuono was comfortable (again not new in your price range) but it wasnt the new V4 model. Ill most probably trade the zed in on a V4 tuono early next year. I sometimes catch a white guzzi in the ride to work and it sounds hot. Not sure what ergo's or power is like though. Same with the shiver. Followed one a while ago and it sounded nice. A touch left of field but what about triumph bonneville? or thruxton. Dont sound very inspiring but definately get the looks. Second hand ducati sport classic? (probably out of price range)
  3. I'm 6', and the Guzzi and the Monsters will be too cramped for you.

    I have a Shiver and it fits me like a glove, the BMW F800R is also one to consider, as I'd put that on par with the Shiver ergonomically.

    I haven't sat on the new Tuono (obviously) but the old ones were quite tall too (like the Shiver) so I imagine you'd be fine on that (though I doubt it'll fit your budget if the Superduke doesn't).

    The Aprilia Dorsoduro is another fairly tall bike, the new 1200 sounds like a hell of a bike (if you like that supermoto kind of styling).
  4. Triumph Speed Triple 1050? Not brand-new, admittedly, but one with 2-3 years ought to be in that range easily, and the 1050 triple's Triumph Triple Whine (tm) is much more subdued than the 675's very noticable whirr. I'm 6'4 and in terms of legroom and comfort I find them to be not too bad for a nekkid sports bike (though I have to remind myself when sitting on bikes that the Tiger 1050's utterly spoiled me when it comes to legroom).

    VTR1000F Firestorm? (The F is for Fuel Consumption, to remind people of how frequently they'll have to fill up their mobile earthquake machine)
    SV1000? I seem to recall them having more legroom than the SV650.
  5. Can you can lash a sidecar to any those beasts to handle the imminent arrival of bub's? :D Besides, with a poop-factory tugging at the wallet, do you really think you'll have a spare $10~15k to splash about or are you factoring in the government's "baby bonus"?

    PS. A loud-ish pipe (Arrow or Remus slip-on) will drone out the whine from the stripple which I think is caused by the ram-air feature, not a mechanical noise.
  6. why brand new?
  7. With a seat height similar to the shiver and bmw, i'd thought the moto guzzi wouldn't have been cramped?

    Seat heights (cycle-ergo):

    Shiver 33.1 inch
    F800R 31.4 inch
    Guzzi Cafe Classic 32.2 inch

    also due to a coccix problem that i have, a lean forward is more comfortable for me than an upright? i.e. shiver / dorso etc...but a sport bike lean is too much. the VTR angle is good, just that it's too physically small for my legs to tuck in...do they even make what im looking for??

    @ Blaise: LOL i wish the gov gave that much in the baby bonus...nah figured that we'd go a brand new for next bikes, but since the missus is smaller than me, for her it would be easier? guess i may have to look at new-ish
  8. honestly I do prefer the look of the speed over the street, if i could get one in my price range then yeah...as for the Triple whine subdued + new can would definitely improve things?

    had a look at the SV1000, same prob as SV650, really hard to find a recent model in good nic.

    also, how is the Speed for commuting, as my bike will be for everything, weekends / commute / backpack shoppping etc
  9. I'm not sure how the Speed Triple 1050 would be for commuting, as I have a Tiger (same engine but different ergonomics, etc). That said, I commute on the Tiger and they share a number of similarities.

    On paper I can't see it being a problem for commuting. Relatively wide handlebars, upright seating and the 1050's tuned for tractability from 3000rpm to redline rather than going for a huge peak power at the cost of low-end power.

    That said, as with any litrebike, I'd hope you're not too attached to having good fuel economy around the city if you go for a biiiiiiig bike. (Tiger 1050's 5L/100 on freeway cruise, 6L/100 for twisty sport-touring and about 7.6L/100 for commuting in stop-start traffic, and I doubt the Speed Triple is any different. Compared to a VTR250's 3.8-4.2L/100 efficiency)

    Edit: Lemme see if I can find the rider-ergonomics website. Ahah, here we go: http://cycle-ergo.com/ That's an interesting/cool website for estimating the rider posture for different bikes and comparing leg angles, etc.
  10. yeah thanks for the site but i'm already aware of it...its where i got the seat heights for the bimmer/shiver/guzzi :)

    i figure with the bigger tank (on the speed for example fuel economy would work out same / same as the 250) the refill distance would be the same, although it may be a couple of dollars more.

    just need to find a bike that fits!!!
  11. There's a new 2010 plate blk/silver shiver in ACT that they will register in NSW for $9990 ride away. All other discussion is unnecessary.
  12. MV Brutal.....
  13. lol

    quite an ubiased opinion robbie :rofl:

    but point taken.
  14. why brand new?
  15. haha TBH we didn't share the same short and for me another guzzi is certainly on the cards but for the value you have to admit $9990 is a steal, a tightwad like me would have trouble seeing through any other possible consideration or argument.
  16. Why new indeed? You won't get too far up the capacity list if you're looking and spankers Ducatis.

    There are a ton of second hand SV650s and SV1000s that would fit the bill.

    And you don't like the whine of the triple? I think It's gorgeous.
  17. Just sit on one in the dealership, it's a pretty small bike in reality.

    As for the speed/street triples - they have quite high seat heights, but the actual riding ergonomics are quite cramped.
  18. +1 to the MV Brutale. One of the sexiest naked bikes imo. Not sure on the price of them but would be confident they are at the top end of your budget, if not over.
  19. i'm not against second hands, but i'd love the opportunity to own a bike from new, break it in etc

    Nah its too prominent for me, call me an old man but yeah cant handle it. No problem with a vtwin / parallel twin rumble though.

    these were initially my pick, but i've tried looking at NSW in bikesales.com and there is bugger all after 2003... which is almost 10 years old by now, if i was gonna go second hand i'd prefer a 3 - 4 yr old bike.
  20. That beast is something that I love to have in my garage =P~. I know that Dorsoduro 1200 comes with ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), variable throttle maps and ABS standard on UK models, what about the Australian version? Do we get TC and ABS as standard?