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Sexy, buxom, blonde bandit bungles robbery

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by AznCruiser, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8492555/buxom-bandit-bungles-service-station-robbery


    A woman who held up a Gold Coast service station with a knife this morning made a number of big errors along the way that will help police identify her.

    Not only did she forget to hide her face, she also wore a revealing top and a glove to conceal her fingerprints on the wrong hand.

    She entered the Arundel store on Brisbane Road about 12.30am and demanded cash from the attendant.

    “There were a number of serious threats to harm the attendant and she fled with a small amount of money,” a police spokesman told Nine News.

    She was wearing a glove on her knife-wielding hand in an attempt to hide her finger prints.

    The store employee fought back by hurling things at the woman as she fled outside, where police say a man was waiting for her in a 4WD.

  2. YeeeaaaaaaaaH! :D
  3. All of a sudden I want to be a cop finding similar looking people to put together a lineup.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  4. Put the knife down and I will give you small amounts of money to dance like that.

  5. keeping the stereotype alive
  6. the video just shown on the news is hilarious; she's got a knife in her right, gloved hand while she's picking up money with her bare, left hand :LOL:
  7. What's that saying about sticking it in crazy again...?
  8. Ha Ha, she just had to be blonde.
  9. ...if it were I as the attendant, I would have first asked her to show me her boobs, if she says no, then I tell her to make me a sandwich...do you think I'd get stabbed?
  10. Yep - twice... at least
  11. The attendant could not identify her face.
  12. At the rate shes going, she'd probably stab herself.
  13. #13 KadeO, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    Well, if you're gonna do something...

  14. what a moron.. no attempt to hide her face and had the glove on the wrong hand..
  15. worth it thought=D>
  16. Pretty sure parker would be correct here. I'd take my chances of getting stabbed for some boobs and something to eat.
  17. Hahahah just saw the youtube surveillance video............its hilarious. Turns her back to the attendant, didnt even look threatening, I think she forgot her knife on the counter right before the attendant starts throwing stuff at her................hahhaha

  18. Gives busty babes a bad name imo.
  19. Theres one important question being overlooked... Is she above or below the line?:rofl:

  20. Mate, that tag like looks like fapa fapa fapa fapa... lol.