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Sexism sucks doesn't it........

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Unfortunately there's a down side to everything............. :cry:

  2. Where do I sign?
  3. They're gonna be fcuked when their tits are successfully desexualised and they can no longer get a job. :p :LOL:
  4. I'm just amazed they have to fight for these rights!

    Come to my country, my place, and i'll free you from your oppression!! :LOL:
  5. No matter what women try to do, tits will NEVER be desexualised.
  6. I'm waiting for Australia to be brought abreast of this new political movement.....
  7. You forgot the "ba boom...tish" at the end of that hornet. :LOL:
  8. she sure is purdy
  9. love the concept. If you're pro-feminist, try reading up on the history of christianity (sorry paul). Perhaps there you'll find out why.

  10. Beer can do wonders for people like her!

  11. Got it covered... [​IMG]
  12. Those poor unfortunate Swedish men!
  13. Free the BEWBIES! [​IMG]
  14. i suspect my thoughts on this subject are well documented. but just for the record - BRING ON CLOTHING OPTIONAL SOCIETIES :grin:

    this whole overregulation of people having to wear clothes is a government conspiracy i tellya :wink: :LOL: :cool:
  15. Yeah y'awl, I done seen her in Shepparton! :p
  16. Man, i dont have a problem with em getting the baps to the sun. It means they obviously dont mind us looking. And the more baps my eyes fall on the better. You see im conducting a scientific study of the shape and size of baps and how it relates to attractiveness :wink: My study has lasted for about 15 years, and i plan on about another 40 years of investigation, i think this policy will only aid me in my scientific musings, bring it on :p
  17. ^^ i just vomited alittle in my mouth
  18. she sure has a purty mouth :grin: