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Sexiest thang someone's done (or vise versa)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boo, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. 3.5 yrs ago my partner (at the time) littered our apartment w roses & little notes saying s'thing special/intimate. Each note also gave me directions on where to find the nxt rose & so on & so forth. Til I had a beautiful bunch of roses, I was swept off my feet & he wasn't even home!

    I cld be coaxed to share my hot custard story, but keeping in mind that I've had my posts deleted (lets keep it relatively smut free) b4, I'll simply say I spent hours enjoying my favourite dessert!

    I'm all for helping anybody gain inspiration & gettin some sex'n! So lets hear it, unlock those sweet memories & share your stories!
    I can already hear Barry White & Marvin Gaye being qued on the playlists...

  2. hmmmmm

    champagne breakfast and helicopter ride for teh ex mrs was fun...

    the current one leaves little notes EVERYWHERE which was sweet at first.. now its bugging me a litle when phone alarms go off during the day as reminders. and then my msn msg changes etc etc etc...
  3. A romantic picnic at the Puffing Billy terminus & lake in Emerald with champagne, seafood & chocolates followed by sex on the siding comes to mind at this late hour of the night.

    We didn't realise Puffing Billy was coming in at the time and even the train driver blew his horn for us. ;)

  4. The current picture messages I've been getting on my phone all night are pretty much up there.
  5. You lucky bugger!
    Although being a night shifter your prob passing ships in the night...
  6. Sweetest thing I've ever done....., Wait till you get your Valantine's Pressie. :wink: :LOL:

    Francesca (going back a bit here) once said she'd only believe I truely loved her if I wrote it in the sky. :? Of course she was joking, I could barely afford to keep an 81 Gemini on the road let alone put an aeroplane in the air. :LOL:

    My solution was to paint a picture of her house with a plane above it writing "I love you" in the sky. :grin: Got some and plently more for weeks after that effort. :wink: :LOL:
  7. I didn't say anyone was sending them to me...


  8. Scrambles. =; No. [-X :rofl:
  9. That doesn't count!!!
  10. Wow dude! thats pretty nice of you, i cant paint :oops:
    Canvas or paper? Oils or waters? ;)
  11. Just acrilic on paper dude. :)

    Come to think of it though. I just remembered the Gemini was written off before then. I would"ve been driving an 85 323 at the time. :) I know, it's not a crucial point. :? :LOL:
  12. God laid in the toilets of a club once, is that sexy?
  13. Chocolate Mouse
  14. She must've been a classy lass.
  15. Does chocolate count??

    I got my wife a box of Kit Kats once. Yes a box, straight from the wholesaler, lasted all year.

  16. Not really... But what eva turns your crank I guess :shock:
  17. Boo - the love notes sounds pretty cool... :grin:

    Hmmm...mine arent quite as romantic I guess but one of the sexiest things an ex ever did for me was shave my legs - now us girls know just how long our legs are...and just how long it can take to do...he sat me down with a glass of wine - and smothered my legs in shaving cream...did a much better job than I can ever be bothered to do... :grin:

    Another ex used to work shifts and always used to leave my bedsheets in a massive heap (and as sad as it sounds I hate getting into a messy bed :oops: ) - so when i got home first thing i always did was make the bed...on valentines day when i got home from work he'd made my bed for me and put flowers on my pillow - some from the garden and some lillies (my favourite flowers) - smelled beautiful for days...
  18. Tnor that's so sweet! I can understand the made bed thing.
    It's the little things sometimes...
    Sometimes it's the not so big things :oops:
  19. Bj bought me a New leather Vest in Elisabeth street last sat :grin:

    I had never been to those Bike stores before
    and Loved it
    wanna go back wanna go back :shock: more bike candy :LOL:
  20. Really? I had a '79 323 .... was a 'beast' :LOL:
    Just kept going and going...