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sex with ghosts

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by smee, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. There was a seminar on "Psychic Phenomena" going on, when the speaker decided to involve the audience. He first asked, "Everyone who has ever seen a ghost, please stand up." Well, nearly the entire audience stood up.

    He then asked, "Everyone who has ever had a close encounter with a ghost, please remain standing." About 2 dozen people were still standing.

    He then asked how many people had been in the same room as a ghost and 6 people stood up.

    Finally he asked, "Anyone who has ever had SEX with a ghost, please remain standing." Everyone sat down except this one man.

    When the speaker demanded if he had REALLY had sex with a ghost, the guy replied,

    "Oh, I am very sorry, I thought you said GOAT."
  2. :rofl: I just f*cking choked on my miniature oreo's reading that!!! :rofl:
  3. With my sincerest apologies to my Islamic brothers - this is but humour and not an insult to your faith in any way

  4. ...stuff like this really gets my goat!..... :-s
  5. Yeah great joke, you've goat to love that!
  6. That was ghoul'd =D>
  7. Is this a case of to boldly goat where no man has goat before?

    I do wonder if it might have been this guy?

    Mind you we could use a goat or three on this forum to help dispose of trolls...
  8. You've goat to be kidding me right ?
  9. I imagine it's something that would be allowed in a nanny state... :)
  10. Until the PC crowd stick their oar in and start bleating about animal rights!
  11. Thats a rather gruff thing to say dont ya think
  12. Rofl Islam got goated.
  13. Can't say I share the same feelings as that man..

    But whatever floats your goat I guess.
  14. it is possible to have sex with a ghost. i saw it in a movie once
  15. Yes I saw that movie with the ghost too, in fact the entire plot of this movie was about a ghost.
    I just can't seem to think of the name of this ghost movie :-k
  16. Well you'd be a bit of a goat for not remembering that wouldn't you!:-s
  17. naaaah he wouldn't
  18. Anyway, I thought I'd butt in here with another joke :)

    Doctor Doctor, I feel like I'm a goat...

    How long have you felt like that?

    Since I was a kid!
  19. These puns are seriously baaaaad.

    (hey! Some Butt Head was gonna say it.)